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Sports Illustrated: Vlad Guerrero, Luke Scott are trade bait

It’s been a so-so season for designated hitter Vladimir Guerrero, who is hitting .290 with just 28 RBIs in 259 at-bats. So could Guerrero, who is 36 and banking a cool $8 million this year, be on the move?

Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman thinks so.

Today on Heyman compiled a list of 24 hitters who could be swapping jerseys before the trade deadline. Guerrero checked in at No. 12, while left fielder Luke Scott is four spots up at No. 8.

Of Guerrero, Heyman notes:

He's pretty pricey ($8 million) for his current DH production (.290, six home runs)”

For Scott, Heyman writes that the left fielder’s willingness to speak his mind, and his declining numbers, are cause for concern:

“His very right-leaning political views, which he expressed in an interview this winter, got him in trouble with Baltimore management and the sense is they'd like to move on. This is a team with young talent. Scott turns 33 in a few days and his batting average has dropped 41 points from 2010 while his slugging percentage is 100 points lower than it was a year ago.”

Check back tomorrow for Heyman’s list of pitchers on the market.

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