Sports Illustrated unveiled its 100 greatest moments in sports history Tuesday, and Baltimore has ties to three of the top 10. Two will make you happy. One will make you cringe.

Coming in at No. 4 is "The Greatest Game Ever Played," a 23-17 Baltimore Colts victory over the New York Giants in the 1958 NFL championship game. No. 9 is Super Bowl III, New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath's famous 1969 "guarantee" game against the Colts. In between, at No. 6, is Michael Phelps' eight-gold-medal 2008 Summer Olympics.

If you want to let the nostalgia wash over you, Sports Illustrated whipped up commemorative videos for each of the top 100. Here's a to-watch list for Baltimore, featuring Cal Ripken Jr., Cole Field House and more:

No. 4: The Greatest Game

No. 6: Eight The Hard Way

No. 9: The Guarantee

No. 13: Triple Triumph

No. 23: Glory Road

No. 35: A Long Time Coming

No. 51: The New Iron Man

No. 91: By A Neck