Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith starts blog, tackles NFL prospect Michael Sam

Torrey Smith is one of the most active Ravens players on Twitter. But the wide receiver decided on Wednesday that 140 characters wasn't enough to express his random thoughts, so he started a blog.

His first topic?


Missouri defensive end and NFL draft prospect Michael Sam, who revealed Sunday night that he is gay.

"I would personally like to applaud Michael Sam for being the first in this profession to be open and honest about his sexuality," Smith wrote. "This shows his courage and strength. I will not call him a hero because that title belongs to the soldiers who defend our freedom, our right to practice our religion, and even our right to choose our sexuality. I will call him a man. A man who has proudly stepped to the forefront of an ongoing and controversial topic, to say who he is and what he stands for."


Would Smith mind playing with a gay teammate?

"Absolutely not! If he is a great football player and can help us win our next Super Bowl, I [couldn't] care less about who or what he likes as long as he performs on the field," he wrote. "Some may argue that it could effect the chemistry in the locker room but that shouldn't be an issue. Most men are comfortable with their sexuality. The University of Missouri football team is proof of that. If a group of athletes 18-22 years old can handle having an openly gay teammate, why can't a group of professional athletes? Things may have been a little different 15-20 years ago, but society is different now. As long as there is a reciprocation of respect, the locker room environment shouldn't be an issue."

He shares more opinions in the post, and also shares what he has been up to since the 2013 season ended, but I'm not going to rip off his entire blog. Go read the rest for yourself.

I'm sure some fans will loudly type, "Stop blogging and get back to studying your playbook! Hit the gym and the JUGGS machine when you're done!" But if you're a rational fan who is interested in the thoughts of a thoughtful young man who has become one of the faces of the Ravens franchise, check out Smith's blog here. Hopefully he sticks with it.