Ravens rookie Q&A: fullback Kyle Juszczyk

Each week, Baltimore Sun blogger and reporter Matt Vensel will fire a few questions at a random Ravens rookie. This week it was fourth-round pick Kyle Juszczyk, a fullback out of Harvard who has only played on special teams.

MV: What was it like playing your first NFL game? I'm sure it's a little different. You probably feel like you're back to being a freshman again and having to earn your stripes on special teams.


KJ: It was awesome just to get out there to experience the energy and the enthusiasm of everybody. It was really an electric atmosphere. I'm just embracing my role right now as a special teams player and I'm going to continue to work at that while trying to work my way onto the field on offense as well.

MV: How hard is it to remain patient? Obviously, you want to play, but you are in a good organization and you get to learn from good coaches and also from Vonta Leach. Is it kind of a mixed bag of emotions for you right now?


KJ: It is a mixed bag of emotions because I have a relationship with Vonta where I want to see him do well. But it's just something that a lot of rookies have to learn to deal with. I'll get my shot.

MV: Of all the things you have experience as a rookie, whether it is on the field or off the field, what has caught you off the guard the most? Was it trying to find a house or something like that or was it football-related?

KJ: The only thing that kind of caught me off guard was the time commitment. I realize there would be a large time commitment, but I never realized how large. It's come down a little bit now that we're not in training camp, but in training camp we lived here. But it's not so bad anymore.

MV: What's it like talking to your friends who also graduated and are now getting started in other professions?

KJ: It's totally different. It just makes me even happier about the situation that I am in. I couldn't imagine sitting in an office right now, especially during football season when they're all used to playing and now they're just sitting around watching it on TV. I'm thankful that I'm still involved with this.

MV: What would you have done if you weren't doing this?

KJ: I have no idea. I put all of my eggs in one basket to be honest.