Elvis Dumervil deal is a reminder that Ravens' offseason has just begun

Would you march out of a movie theater seven minutes into the feature presentation because there weren't enough explosions for your liking? Would you take a couple nibbles out of a grilled cheese sandwich, only to send it back to the kitchen because, for whatever reason, you were hoping it would taste more like lobster? Would you sell the big, brand-new house you just moved into because you found a leak in your basement?

How about this one: Would you throw your hands up in disgust if your favorite team -- one that happened to win the Super Bowl just a few weeks ago -- didn't make any major moves in the first 11 days of free agency?


Lost in all those bad analogies is my point: You probably shouldn't judge an offseason until, well, it is over.

The Ravens reminded everyone of that Sunday afternoon, agreeing to terms with former Denver Broncos pass rusher Elvis Dumervil. The addition of a player who had 11 sacks and forced six fumbles a season ago should boost a Ravens pass rush that ranked in the middle of the pack in sacks in 2012. The acquisition is being called "a masterstroke," "an upgrade over Paul Kruger," and "a critical signing."


After giving gold watches to Ray Lewis and Matt Birk, cutting ties with Anquan Boldin and Bernard Pollard, and watching Kruger and Dannell Ellerbe walk in free agency, the Ravens had been pretty quiet the past week or so. What else did you expect from the Ravens? This is how they usually do their business.

They signed a pair of veteran linemen in Chris Canty and Marcus Spears. They remained in contact with safety Ed Reed, who eventually signed a more lucrative contract with the Houston Texans. And they quietly but aggressively made a push for Dumervil as soon as the Broncos were forced to release let him go.

Suddenly, with Dumervil in the fold to chase after quarterbacks with a healthy Terrell Suggs, many people, including fans and critics, are looking at Baltimore's offseason a little differently. Which is a good thing, because the Ravens don't have to report to The Castle for training camp until a few months from now.

No, they aren't done making moves, but this is the kind of free-agent splash that you only see from the Ravens once every few years. However, don't expect another, unless you count safety Michael Huff, who is expected to visit this week if he doesn't sign with his hometown Dallas Cowboys first. There may be more minor signings -- maybe a safety or an inside linebacker -- as the market continues to die down.

There is also next month's NFL draft, which I still think the Ravens have to nail, though the addition of Dumervil took care of one major need heading in 2013. It gives them more flexibility when it comes to their early picks, allowing them to stick with their best player available philosophy. You can never have enough pass rushers, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if they used one of their 12 draft picks on another one.

The complexion of this team, especially on defense, is going to be much different than a year ago. That could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing, but it is still too early to really say for sure.

The explosion that is the Dumervil deal might have grabbed your attention, keeping you glued to your seat for a little longer. There might not be any more fireworks this offseason, but you should probably stick around to see how this one ends before judging it.