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The Kardashians -- Khloe, Kim and Kourtney -- were not heading out on a recruiting trip to snag another prospect, just arriving at a New Year's party.
The Kardashians -- Khloe, Kim and Kourtney -- were not heading out on a recruiting trip to snag another prospect, just arriving at a New Year's party. (AP photo)

eeping up when you're a Kardashian apparently means hooking up with an athlete.

The reality show family's mother figure,


, is married to one-time Olympian

Bruce Jenner





is famously attached to New Orleans Saints running back

Reggie Bush


Now comes word that daughter


is teaming up with the Minnesota Timberwolves'

Rashad McCants


According to

Life & Style

: "Khloe Kardashian has scored a basketball player boyfriend! … Reggie Bush … introduced the couple, both 24, in the fall.

"'They're getting serious,' says an insider close to Khloe. 'Rashad knows that the Kardashians are incredibly close; if you date one member, you basically date them all. But he's not worried - he loves Khloe and can't wait to get to know the whole family better!'"

It could be McCants' poetic side drew Khloe to him. (It couldn't be his shooting - he's at 36 percent for the season.)

At McCants' Web site, rashadmccants1.com, he has posted several poems, including one called "Love Thief" that reads in part:

I'm not a Grinch that stole love but I'm a thief with no love. Eyes bright like city lights when she enters my life. Every morning after yawning we make love to sweet nothing and birds chirping. My tongue lurking for that spot that says stop and makes ya mouth drop. I'd spit you out just to taste you again


Which makes

Mr. Flip

wonder whether


might like something a bit different from the "Roses are red" stuff that he usually tries.

Ordering a roll

How many times has it happened to you? You decide to bowl a few games, but when you get to the establishment, the lanes are filled. Mr. Flip has the solution: Grab your ball and head to Aichi, Japan. A bowling center there has 116 lanes.

A movie is being made about it:

The Biggest Lebowski


That's just cold

After the Detroit Red Wings won the NHL Winter Classic at Wrigley Field,

Steve Schrader

of the

Detroit Free Press

wrote: "The Wings have now won more games outdoors this season than the Lions have."

What he meant to say …

Mr. Flip knows what Fox's

Brian Baldinger

was trying to say, but somehow it didn't come out right. During the Cotton Bowl, speaking of Mississippi's quarterback, Baldinger said: "When

Jevan Snead

misses early in games, it's usually because he is high."

A, e, i, o, u … are fired

Word is the New York Jets, looking for a new coach after firing

Eric Mangini

, are considering Kansas coach

Mark Mangino

. It's a cost-containment measure - they could keep a lot of stuff labeled "Coach Mangini" simply by changing one vowel.

Compiled from news service and Web reports (with Tips of the Flip to SportsbyBrooks and Dwight Perry of The Seattle Times) by Mr.Flip. who worries about being replaced by Mr.Flop.

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