Seth Rollins turns on The Shield, joins Evolution On RAW

The night after The Shield had arguably their biggest win as a group, the long-awaited breakup finally happened as Seth Rollins turned on them and joined Evolution.

Earlier in the night, Triple H came out and said Evolution's fight against The Shield wasn't over. Batista took exception to this, as he wanted to move on. Rather than continue on with Evolution, Batista announced that he quit, and walked out (this is being done to allow Batista time to promote Guardians of the Galaxy).


Evolution continued on however, and a match was announced between Randy Orton and Roman Reigns for later in the night.  While it was never verbalized on the program, the question hanging over RAW was if Evolution would have a third member take the place of Batista.

For the main event, The Shield came out first.  As Evolution came down to the ring, it looked like they were again preparing for a fight, when Seth Rollins took a chair and attacked Reigns with it.  As Dean Ambrose looked on in disbelief, Rollins attacked him as well, then gave a Curb Stomp to Ambrose onto the chair.  The rest of Evolution picked up the scraps before posing to go off the air.


We knew that The Shield would break up at some point. Many people, myself included, thought that the breakup would even happen at Payback. Once The Shield won so convincingly, it certainly seemed that they'd be around longer than we expected.  And many people expected that it would be Dean Ambrose, not Seth Rollins, that would make the turn.

So, Monday's turn came as a surprise, even to those who expected a breakup at some point.  While I believe the turn would've been more effective at Payback, doing it this way added shock value.

The main question now is that while The Shield vs. Evolution has new life, what form is it going to take?  Will it be Orton and Rollins against Reigns and Ambrose with Triple H sitting out?  Will The Shield get a new member?  I'd lean toward the former there, but if it turns out that someone like Sami Zayn was called up from NXT to take the spot of Rollins, it would make a lot of sense.

The next few weeks should be interesting as the feud reshapes itself.  And with this new life, you could see this feud, which seemed like it was over, potentially last all the way through the summer.

The Rest of RAW:

-Stephanie came out and announced that Daniel Bryan would defend his title against Kane in a stretcher match at Money in the Bank, and if he couldn't compete, the title would be put on the line in the MITB ladder match.  John Cena came out to defend Daniel Bryan, and insult Stephanie.   The two had a decent back-and-forth that reminded some of the back-and-forths between Stephanie and Jericho in the Attitude era (though Cena didn't go QUITE as far with the insults as Jericho did).

This is interesting because even when Cena went against Orton last weekend, he really didn't butt heads with The Authority much.  Cena was put into a match with Kane as punishment, which Cena won by DQ after Kane refused to stop attacking him in the corner.

-Harper and Rowan beat The Usos in a solid match.   Bray Wyatt wasn't with them, and before the match, Harper and Rowan cut a promo that they were going to continue his work. Harper again showed that if he is given time, he can be very good on the mic.

-Alberto Del Rio beat Dolph Ziggler to become the first entrant in the Money in the Bank ladder match.  Don't really get this one.  Del Rio really doesn't add anything to the match, and his momentum lately has been next-to-zero. Ziggler would have at least been good for a few spots.

-Sheamus and RVD beat Cesaro and Bad News Barrett when Cesaro left the match and walked away with Paul Heyman.  It's an interesting move from Cesaro, who we've never really seen play the cowardly heel role before. But I assume they'll just twist it as he's too good for that match. Heyman was a bright spot of the segment on commentary.

-Cody Rhodes "handpicked" Goldust's new partner against Rybaxel after saying that Goldust needed a new partner.  Against all logic, he picked Sin Cara, and they ended up losing to Rybaxel again.

-Bo Dallas beat Kofi Kingston.  Before the match, he talked about how the Heat beat the Pacers because Miami's players, especially Lebron James, all Bo-lieved.


-Damien Sandow also did an anti-Pacers segment, where he came out in a Lance Stephenson jersey and said Lebron is the best player in history. He did some basketball "tricks" in front of a hoop before The Big Show came out, knocked out Sandow, then dunked.

-Rusev had a ceremony to honor him, and they played the Russian national anthem.  I was really surprised nobody interrupted the ceremony, as it seemed tailor-made to start a new feud.

-Adam Rose beat Jack Swagger.

-Alicia Fox and Aksana beat Nikki Bella in a handicap match that was set up to punish Nikki for Brie slapping Stephanie.

-Los Matadores beat 3MB after El Torito stole Hornswaggle's wig, distracting them.

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