Seth Rollins reportedly injured at RAW

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Who would you like to see Triple H square off against in Wrestlemania if Seth Rollins can't go?

The road to Wrestlemania may have hit a serious bump this week as a wrestler slated for a major match at the marquee event could be forced to miss it for the second straight year. reported this morning that Seth Rollins was injured during Samoa Joe's attack on Monday night. Ryan Satin from ProWrestlingSheet followed up with a report saying the injury was real, and that he was going in for medical tests today. Satin also added that Wrestlemania is indeed in jeopardy for Rollins, and that WWE was starting to make backup plans for Triple H for Orlando, Fla.

First off, this would be an awful blow for Rollins personally. Back at Wrestlemania 31 he won the WWE World Heavyweight title at the event, but then had to miss last year's Mania with the injury he suffered in November. He would have been in a high-profile match with Triple H this year, one of the biggest matches on the card. To miss it for the second straight year, especially so close to event, would be devastating.

This is also a tough blow for Wrestlemania as an event. This would have been one of the marquee matches, a match that they have been building to since August. Don't forget, before his initial injury in 2015, it seemed that they were building to a Rollins/Triple H match at some point as well. So to have to push that back once again is just incredibly tough. It also puts them in an awkward position where they have to find another opponent for Triple H with basically no build, as Triple H has focused all of his energy on Rollins for the past six months. Make no mistake, Triple H will be on Wrestlemania.

So who do they tap for that? It's hard to say really. You could do something as simple as Samoa Joe turning face despite the attack. It would feel a little bit contrived, but it would set up a high-profile match for Joe, and give a good opponent for H.

If you're looking for someone already established on the roster, most of the high-level faces already have dance partners for the event. Dean Ambrose could make some sense. You could bring back the confrontation the two had last year, and tie in the Shield aspect with Ambrose and Rollins. It would be a bit awkward with Ambrose on Smackdown, but you could do it.

The other logical person would be Shane McMahon. It seemed like Shane and Triple H could feud at some point when Shane and Stephanie were really feuding, so it wouldn't be too hard to flip that switch again, and make this match. Would it be ideal? No, absolutely not. However, the ideal matchup may not be possible right now do to injury.

As fans, all we can do at this point is wait, see how it plays out, and hope that Rollins is OK so we can enjoy him at Wrestlemania once again.

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