Dean Ambrose during WWE Germany Live Bremen at OVB-Arena on February 10, 2016 in Bremen, Germany.
Dean Ambrose during WWE Germany Live Bremen at OVB-Arena on February 10, 2016 in Bremen, Germany. (Joachim Sielski / Bongarts/Getty Images)

After two long years of waiting, we finally got the announcement we've been waiting for Monday on RAW. At Battleground, Dean Ambrose will defend his newly won title against both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

RAW started with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns arguing over who should get a title shot, and, to nobody's surprise, the main event was made to have the two fight to determine the No. 1 contender. A solid match ended in a double countout. Unlike most champions who would come and say that neither of them were worthy of a title match, Ambrose said he'd face them both. Shane McMahon came out and said yes, Dean Ambrose would be facing both of them, in a triple-threat match, at Battleground.


Most of us expected we'd be headed toward The Shield triple threat this summer. However, the expected time was SummerSlam. After all, this is such a highly anticipated match, that it would only make sense to have it at a show that has been built as a mini-Wrestlemania the past few years.

So why have it at Battleground? The most logical explanation is that the brand split is affecting future plans. As we get closer, and plans are made as far as which wrestlers go where, expected paths may change. In this case, if they aren't having all three members of The Shield stay on the same brand, then they'd have to rush it and put it on Battleground (which, by the way, is being held in Washington, D.C.).

It's definitely a bit of an odd move, however, it has suddenly turned what has generally been a throwaway pay-per-view and made it an absolute must-watch this summer.

The Rest of RAW:

>> RAW featured two big returns. The Wyatt Family made their return, to a raucous reception, including a "Welcome back" chant. Interestingly though, they didn't seem to be in the face alignment that they had before Bray was injured. As Bray started his speech, he was interrupted by The New Day. While they went into their usual speech, Bray actually seemed amused by all it. In a slightly weird moment, it seemed like Xavier became somewhat enthralled by The Family, missing his lines, and gazing blankly toward the ring. At the end, Bray said that because they interrupted, The New Day would fall.

>> The other return was of Sasha Banks. Charlotte successfully defended her title against Paige, with help from Dana Brooke. As the two celebrated in the ring, Sasha's music hit, and she made her way down to the ring, gesturing that she wanted the belt. She took out Dana Brooke, then went after Charlotte. As she got the advantage, Dana came back in, but was fended off by Paige. If the entire divas division is on one show, like many expect, I could see Charlotte and Dana teaming against Sasha and Paige at Battleground, and Sasha getting her one on one shot at SummerSlam.

>> The Cena/Styles feud continued on RAW. Styles came out and gave an apologetic promo towards Cena, including making Gallows and Anderson apologize to Cena for interfering in the match. Cena ended up facing Anderson, and had him beat before Gallows and Styles returned to the ring to attack Cena. There was a concern about whether Styles could hold his own on the mic in a feud against Cena, but I really think he's done well over the past month.

>> Sami Zayn earned a win against Kevin Owens, and the feud could continue. After wining with the rollup, the two started to brawl all the way to the back, and had to have agents separate them backstage. I thought that this would go to SummerSlam, but with the draft, Battleground might end up being the end of the feud.

>> After Rusev insulted Titus O'Neil's family Sunday night, Titus came back for revenge Monday. After a brawl, Titus got the advantage and beat Rusev around the ring, before Rusev escaped through the crowd.

>> Enzo and Cass beat the Vaudevillains in a way that seemed to shut the door on that feud. While the Wyatts seem involved with The New Day right now, Enzo and Cass seem in line for a big title shot soon.

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