Roman Reigns revealed as No. 1, the Wyatts stand tall on Raw

WWE wrestler Roman Reigns, center, fights against Big Show during WWE Live India Tour, in New Delhi, Friday, Jan. 15, 2016. WWE returned to India after a gap of 13 years to entertain their fans.

On Monday night, some questions about the Royal Rumble were answered, and a competitor made a major statement at the end of the night.

The go-home show for the Rumble featured the usual shenanigans. Of course there were multiple brawls between people who were trying to show they could throw each other over the ropes. We had interactions between the McMahons and the person they're building the Rumble around, Roman Reigns.


We even found out that the McMahons were putting Reigns as the No. 1 entrant, which in my mind is a mistake. Fans would accept almost any result of the Rumble, including Reigns winning. However, putting him as No. 1 and having him win, especially if he throws out 12-13 of the superstars, is a mistake. It makes sense for the McMahons to go after him every way they can though, so we'll put that aside for the moment.

Despite the announcement of Reigns at No. 1, the biggest moment happened at the end of the night, as Reigns and Brock Lesnar appeared on Jericho's "Highlight Reel." Reigns and Brock looked to fight after Lesnar F5'd Reigns last week. This time, Reigns got the early advantage, hitting Lesnar with a spear. As he had the advantage, the League of Nations came out, and were quickly dispatched by both Reigns and Lesnar.


Reigns again went after Lesnar, before being stopped by a surprise appearance from the Wyatt Family. Unlike the League of Nations, the Wyatts wouldn't go down quietly. They beat down the fighting Reigns, and then turned their attention to the fallen Lesnar. They dismantled Lesnar, punctuated by Bray Wyatt hitting the Sister Abigail on him. The show ended with the Wyatts standing (or kneeling) over their fallen foes.

We knew we would get the requisite Rumble brawl. That was a given. I don't think anyone expected the Wyatts to be the ones standing tall at the end though. The question is why make that statement? While some will try to connect it to the Rumble, I don't know if that's the case. It certainly gives Bray more credibility going in, but could anyone really see Bray winning the Rumble? What it does though is that it sets up a potential feud down the line between Bray Wyatt and Lesnar. We hadn't seen Lesnar dismantled like that in quite a while. Even if it took Reigns and the combined power of the Wyatt Family, it still was an unusual sight that you would think Lesnar would want revenge for. Couple that with say, Wyatt tossing Lesnar, and all of a sudden a big WrestleMania match is made between two people that don't have a ton of direction heading into WrestleMania.

While there are plenty of flaws with the build to the Rumble, Monday night let us out with a little extra excitement, both for the pay-per-view, and for the future.

The rest of Raw:

* While the focus stayed at the top of the card, the highlight of the show might have been in the divas division. Becky Lynch dispatched Tamina, with Charlotte and Ric Flair sitting at ringside. After the match, she demanded a title rematch since Charlotte needed to cheat to beat her earlier. Charlotte declined, but then Becky started verbally attacking Ric. Eventually Ric was goaded into accepting the match for his daughter.

This is has been the best part of Raw over the past few weeks. This is what people had been hoping when the Divas Revolution started, easily understandable storylines with characters you can relate to. As opposed to random Total Divas matches, like we saw earlier with Paige randomly being in Natalya's corner when Natalya beat Brie Bella, despite the fact that she was a heel just weeks before. So this is a good sign, and will only get better when Sasha gets involved again.

* Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio beat Dean Ambrose and Kalisto in a tag match. Kevin Owens was on commentary, and the focus of the match was on the upcoming Last Man Standing match between Owens and Ambrose. Since that was announced on SmackDown, it let people know it was coming, and Owens on commentary is never a bad thing. I'm still a bit surprised they're having that match, just because it likely takes them both out of the Rumble match. However, it does give that huge big-match feel now that the World title is in the Rumble itself.

* The New Day held a funeral for Xavier's trombone, which apparently had been named Francesca. Big E then came out and beat Jey Uso. I hope that this leads to something more between them and Jericho, because that feud has a lot of potential. Uso will face the New Day at the Rumble, and that's my guess for the preshow match.


* Mark Henry, R-Truth, Titus O'Neil and Neville beat The Ascension, Stardust and Tyler Breeze. This seemed to be an MLK tribute match, as Mark Henry, Truth and O'Neil were gathered together backstage, and talked about keeping the dream alive. Neville ended up joining them, and then ended up picking up the pin, which was a little odd ... though no worse than some of the other things that have happened on MLK Day over the years. The craziest part of the match though was the ending. They tried to do a combination finisher on Breeze where Titus tossed Breeze over his head to Mark Henry, who would then hit the World's Strongest Slam. However, when Titus threw Breeze, he flew over Mark Henry. It just shows how strong Titus is, and adds another question to why they aren't pushing him more.

* Big Show beat the Social Outcasts so he could show that he's still a threat in the Rumble.

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