Red Sox's Ortiz received one-game suspension, criticism from Jim Palmer for Sunday's display

David Ortiz receives suspension, criticism from O's Hall of Famer, for conduct.

The Orioles open their three-game series against the Blue Jays tonight at the Rogers Centre.

A little leftover nugget from the Orioles’ series in Boston: Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz was suspended for one game and issued an undisclosed fine for making contact with home plate umpire John Tumpane during the fifth inning of Sunday’s game.

Ortiz became livid following a check-swing call, going face-to-face with Tumpane and bumping chests with him. He also tossed his bat and his protective gear as he made his way back to the Boston dugout.

Ortiz is appealing the suspension, Major League Baseball announced.

Major League Baseball wasn’t the only one to think Ortiz’s display was out of line. Orioles Hall of Famer and MASN analyst Jim Palmer went to Twitter to share his opinion.

“FINALLY Ortiz gets tossed” Palmer tweeted following the incident, also including the hashtags “#disrespectful” and “#zipitOrtiz” in his 140 characters.

Palmer, who is new to Twitter, drew the ire of Red Sox fans with the tweet, but was supported by Orioles fans.

Ortiz responded on Monday, telling Boston reporters that he thought Palmer was a friend.

“That’s how he wants to get respect from us? Is that how he wants me to respect him? It’s not going to happen. … I thought that he was one of my guys. All of a sudden now he’s killing me, huh? I guess anybody who wants to get famous or make some noise comes to Papi, right?”

Palmer wasn’t calling the series in Boston, but he will be calling this weekend’s series against the Red Sox at Camden Yards.

Will the two make amends then?

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