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Ray Rice gets job offer from fantasy football website

Ray Rice has offer from fantasy football website, but it's unclear if he'll accept.

Former Ravens running back Ray Rice has a standing job offer. It's not from an NFL team, though.

The three-time Pro Bowl runner has been offered a $1 million contract to be a spokesman for a fantasy football website, according to Mark Tadros, the CEO of

“We don’t condone any of the actions Ray has committed, but we feel like everybody deserves a second chance,” Tadros said in a telephone interview. “This guy has been an awesome fantasy player for the history of his career. We’ve sent him an official contract and we’re waiting to hear back from him, and it looks like he'll be talking with his group shortly. We think he would be an awesome spokesman. We think he’s sincere and remorseful.”

The deal includes a $500,000 salary plus $500,000 in bonuses available. The contract includes media and promotional obligations, including writing a weekly fantasy football column and interviewing other NFL players for the site.

Tadros said that the contract would require Rice, who was charged with felony aggravated assault, to return the $500,000 and pay the site an additional $500,000 should he be involved in another domestic violence incident. Rice is a free agent who's hoping to get back into the NFL. It's unclear if Rice will accept the offer.

"We feel like Ray should get a second chance," Tadros said. "We noticed that no team has picked up. We approached him because we want to be original. We wanted to be unique and push our brand that way. We feel he's very remorseful and deserving of this opportunity."

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