Ravens fall into 30s in some national NFL power rankings

National observers are pretty much finished giving the Ravens whatever benefit of the doubt they mustered through the first six weeks of the season. At 1-5, the kindest rankings have the Ravens as the NFL's 24th-best team. A couple have them as the second-worst. No. 28: All six of the Ravens' games have been decided by six points or fewer. Their five losses in those games are two more than anyone else in that category.

Advertisement No. 28: ... the Ravens' secondary is so bad, Brady Anderson could go deep on them.

FOX Sports: No. 31: The Ravens simply can't generate pressure or hold up in pass coverage.


USA Today: No. 24: They're one Steelers FG from being 0-6. They're also 27 points from being undefeated.

Yahoo! Sports: No. 29: Going back to last season with the Bears, Ravens offensive coordinator Marc Trestman is 1-10 in his last 11 games.

CBS Sports: No. 31: It's hard to believe so many expected this to be a Super Bowl contender.

Sports Illustrated: No. 28: The last time that the Ravens were this bad, they finished the 2007 season at 5–11, then fired Brian Billick and drafted Joe Flacco.