John Harbaugh voices over commercial featuring mini statue of himself

There hasn't been much to laugh at regarding the Ravens this offseason (unless you practice schadenfreude or are a Steelers fan, or perhaps both), but I didn't expect it to be coach John Harbaugh who gave us something to chuckle at heading into training camp.

The seventh-year head coach provided voice over as a miniature statue of himself to promote his almamater, Miami University. It's pretty funny.


Harbaugh was inducted into the school's Cradle of Coaches in April, joining coaching greats including Bo Schembechler, Paul Brown, and Ara Parseghian as coaches whose roots trace back to the Oxford, Ohio, school.

In the video, the towering statues are shown before a blue sky before Harbaugh's voice, as Lil John Harbaugh, is heard off screen. When we find the Harbaugh figurine at the foot of Harbaugh's big statue, he tells of how you can bring him home for the low, low price of a RedHawks season ticket.

The video was promoted by a slightly creepy tweet about having Harbaugh in your living room, about which I don't have a lot to say.

When I first saw the commercial, I badly wanted to convince myself that they re-purposed a radio spot with the video, giving Harbaugh some wiggle room in case this wasn't the original intent.

But then I watched it again, and he refers to himself, as the statue, as Lil' John Harbaugh, meaning this wasn't some post-production masterpiece.

So it's clear he was in on the joke, and was a good sport about something that actually gets funnier the more you watch it.

And in case you were wondering, if you really, really want a John Harbaugh statuette, it appears a season ticket package for an adult costs $95.

What is a John Harbaugh statue worth to you?