It's a big week over at Forbes, which has released both its NFL franchise value rankings and its fan base rankings.

The Ravens' checked in at a respectable 10th in the franchise valuation rankings, but fared much better when it comes to fan support.


The Ravens were fifth in the league in the best-fans ranking, were the highest-ranked AFC North fans and the third-best AFC fans — all respectable showings for Ravens Nation.

According to Forbes, the rankings were compiled based on five things:

- Hometown reach, which they defined as percentage of the metropolitan area that watched, attended, or listened to a game in the last year.

- Three years' worth of television ratings.

- Three years of stadium attendance based on percentage of capacity.

- Three years of merchandise sales, according to

- Social media reach, which combines Facebook likes and Twitter followers.

Four teams were ahead of the Ravens, including the Green Bay Packers (No. 1 overall, and first in hometown crowd rank, attendance, and social media), Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints, and New England Patriots.

And since I know you care, the Pittsburgh Steelers were tied with the Dallas Cowboys for seventh.

Score another for Baltimore.