These quotes show Ravens' mounting frustration with Breshad Perriman injury

Ravens rookie wide receiver Breshad Perriman had been almost silent since he hurt his knee on the first day of full-team practice at training camp.

That changed Thursday, when Perriman spoke with reporters during a news conference at the Under Armour Performance Center.


An injury that was initially thought to be no big deal has robbed the first-round NFL draft pick of his rookie year and the Ravens of a deep threat they so desperately needed to replace wide receiver Torrey Smith.

The team -- and Perriman -- have been frustrated, and this timeline of quotes gathered by The Baltimore Sun shows how that has mounted since July 30:


July 30: "It's not serious," coach John Harbaugh said when Perriman was first injured. "It's all sound. He'll be back as soon as the knee feels a little bit better. It could be as early as tomorrow, or a couple days at most."

Aug. 2: "At the end of the day, he needs to practice as much as he can. It's not his fault that he's not practicing, but we know that [wide receivers coach] Bobby [Engram] is going to spend a lot of time with him," offensive coordinator Marc Trestman said.

"But you can't overestimate the importance of him being on the football field, and hopefully, he'll be back as soon as possible, because he needs to practice, he needs to work, and he needs to work on the timing. That's the obvious, and when he's not there, he can't do it."

Aug. 5: Harbaugh said Perriman's injury was a "sprain, bruise, tendon or whatever. ... I want him out here right now. He wants to be out there, but [the trainers] are holding him back. It's probably smart — they're smarter than Breshad, I know that."

Aug. 15: "He'll be back sometime here in training camp, hopefully soon," Harbaugh said. "I hate that he's missing it, hate that he's not out here. I've got a knot in the pit of my stomach, in some ways, about it. In other ways, I know it's out of our control and I put it in God's hands and let him take care of it. To me, that's the best strategy right there. ...

"He's got whatever they want to call it with his knee situation there. It's not something that's going to keep him out for a long period of time, they tell me. If I was a doctor, I'd give you more. … We come out here, and we expect definitive answers on injuries from coaches. I didn't take those classes in college. I wasn't interested."

Aug. 18: "It came back essentially normal," Harbaugh said of an MRI on Perriman's knee. "It's just gone slower than our doctors anticipated it would. So we wanted to get an MRI to see if there's something we didn't know about and there wasn't. It's normal. There's just still a little bit of swelling, still a little bit of a sprain. That's what they call it. We're just going to keep working on it."

Aug. 27: "It's slower healing than they expected, and they really don't have a timetable right now,'" Harbaugh said. "That's all I really have to say on that."


Sept. 24: "We're excited to see him get a helmet on and working back into it, and we're hopeful he'll be back as soon as possible," Trestman said when Perriman returned to practice. "It's really day-to-day, and it'll be up to the doctors and the trainers to make that decision, when he comes out."

Oct. 1: "He didn't see anything new," Harbaugh said a few days after Perriman suffered an apparent setback during pregame warmups. "There's no injury of any kind, it's just a slow-healing ligament, for whatever reason. Very slow. We're a little surprised to say the least, that it's healing this slowly, but that's what it's doing. So its just going to be a matter of time."

Oct. 5: "He's had probably one of the all-time, slowest-healing sprained PCLs ever," Harbaugh said. "That's nothing against him. That's just the way it is. It's just tough. ... He's been working a strained PCL from Day One.

"There's no new injury involved in that thing. I think he ran routes before the game ... and I didn't know this, somebody saw him limping or something after the workout.

"I don't know what degree that was different than any other workout. I think there's always a little bit of strain and soreness when you push it a little bit, but there was no new injury there."

Nov. 13: "It's been a little frustrating, but I'll get over it," Perriman said. "I'll be fine."


Nov. 18: "I can't say I was real involved in that [decision]," Harbaugh said. "It was Ozzie [Newsome], the doctors and Breshad just kind of going over the situation. I know that when Ozzie told me this, we were very hopeful that we could get him out there.

"We just waited as long as we could to see if that could happen, and it just didn't look like it could happen. That's really just the extent that I'm aware of it. ... We're all disappointed.

"I had a chance to talk to him yesterday, probably for the first time in depth, because he was hard to talk to before. You just couldn't talk to him. You see him around, he was kind of just so down about the whole thing. He seemed a little more at peace with his future, and he's excited about the progress he's making, but when you see him, you should just ask him where he's at with it."

Baltimore Sun reporters Jeff Zrebiec and Jon Meoli gathered these quotes throughout the season.