Jeff Fisher, now St. Louis Rams coach, with the Tennessee Titans in 2008.
Jeff Fisher, now St. Louis Rams coach, with the Tennessee Titans in 2008. (Doug Benc / Getty Images)

Remember the good old days? The days when there were three divisions, not four, in each of the NFL's conferences? The days when the Ravens and Tennessee Titans played each other twice a year as members of the AFC Central?

It was a good rivalry. Close games. Snipping back and forth between the Ravens, coached by Brian Billick for some of those years, and the Titans, coached by Jeff Fisher for all of those years.


Fisher surely remembers. Maybe that's why he felt compelled to respond to comments made by Ravens coach John Harbaugh Monday that seemed to insinuate Fisher's new team, the St. Louis Rams, plays dirty football.

Here's Fisher, talking about the Ravens on his ESPN 101 radio show Monday night: "I've got to send the league office where their players are hitting us in the mouth after plays. With fists. It was allowed in the game because it wasn't called, and I'm not complaining. We played hard. … But we're a dirty team and they're hitting us two or three seconds after the play is over, and they hit Tavon [Austin] out of bounds? We had six penalties and they averaged about 5 yards apiece. … They need to take a look in the mirror."

For the record, here's what Harbaugh said: "I saw [Rams punter Johnny Hekker] hit one of our guys dead in the back that they missed. I saw a guy retaliate, which is not what you want to see, then I saw a free-for-all out there which was not unusual against the team we're playing."

Physical play that goes beyond the whistle! A little trashtalk! It's like it's 2000 and early 2001 all over again.

Or, given the Ravens' and Rams' record, maybe more like 1998, when the Titans were the Oilers and the Ravens were just a few seasons removed from being the Browns.

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