The Rock vs. John Cena
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With WrestleMania right around the corner, fans are voicing their thoughts and predictions to their friends and to the world through social media.

Ring Post bloggers Arda Ocal and Adam Testa have taken the time to share their thoughts on the winners and losers of this year's card.


The duo agree on most of the undercard, but when it comes to three of the four main events, their predictions differ. Take a look at what they had to say in our match-by-match prediction breakdown:

Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly vs. Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Eve

Arda: Unfortunately I'm not looking forward to this match, which is a shame because I'm really looking forward to what can come from the Divas division in the next few months. Beth Phoenix is a fantastic leader for the division, particularly with her in-ring work, Natalya is right up there in the same category, AJ has been hitting home runs with her work alongside Daniel Bryan, Eve is finding her niche as a conniving "Hoeski," a highly underrated Layla is set to return, a highly anticipated Kharma is waiting in the wings, Kelly Kelly is the perfect diva foil for a Beth Phoenix type and Tamina Snuka has lineage. Unfortunately right now, there is a lot of "potential" and not enough "kinetic," including in this match. Maria Menounos, though, will work very hard, I bet, considering that she's a big WWE fan and is familiar with a WWE ring. Maria and Kelly Kelly score the win.

Prediction: Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly

Adam: There are several other divas matches that sound more appealing than this: Phoenix vs. Natalya, Phoenix vs. Kharma, even Phoenix vs. AJ has been built up and teased in recent weeks. But, alas, we have to get our celebrity involvement in somewhere. I do appreciate the fact Menounos seems to be a genuine WWE fan, and she does have a history with the promotion, being involved as a Raw guest host and appearing on Tribute for the Troops. The match itself will likely be kept short to allow time for the other big matches, and Kelly usually works well with Phoenix. Eve is more than capable of holding her own, too, so I don't expect this match to be trash at all. Hopefully they can produce a solid divas match and move on to the next stages of their respective careers.

Prediction: Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly

12-Man Tag Team Match for Control of Raw and Smackdown

Team Long (Santino Marella, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, Great Khali and Booker T) vs. Team Laurinaitis (David Otunga, Christian, Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and The Miz)

Arda: Dolph Ziggler told me in an interview recently that no matter what he is given at WrestleMania he plans to steal the show. Unfortunately for him this is an uphill battle, given the multiple-man scenario and the amount of time he may actually see in the ring. The focus will stay on the team captains, the red hot Santino Marella and David Otunga (incidentally, I wouldn't mind these two in a U.S. title match in the near future). Team Johnny scores the win and Mr. Laurinaitis assumes control of both Raw and Smackdown.

Prediction: Team Laurinaitis

Adam: I may be in the minority, but I've enjoyed this feud between the general managers, and this was a good way to get the entire midcard onto WrestleMania. The teams seem to be polar opposites, as Laurinaitis' is filled with former world champions and Long's consists of men of low accomplishment. This actually has me a little worried that Team Long will pull the upset, while I much prefer the possibility of a Laurinaitis-run WWE. In the end, I think Otunga will pull out the win for his team, pinning Marella and setting up a continued feud between the two over the United States Championship. The best part, though, will be seeing Johnny Ace on my television twice as much.

Prediction: Team Laurinaitis

Randy Orton vs. Kane

Arda: I'm interested in how this match will unfold because of Randy Orton's comments in the media lately. Orton is still the top star on Smackdown and Kane's legacy and character won't ever be hurt by a loss, so I see Orton getting a decisive victory here. I also like Orton due to the fact that this rivalry shouldn't continue past WrestleMania -- it hasn't been a focal point on Raw or Smackdown, nor should it have been in my opinion. I look forward to fresh feuds for both guys after 'Mania.


Prediction: Randy Orton

Adam: This feud came out of nowhere and was obviously created to get both veterans on the show. That said, I agree that this feud has run its course and needs to end at WrestleMania. Since returning with his mask, Kane seems to have adopted the role of putting over other stars while maintaining his always menacing persona. A win over Kane didn't do much for Cena, and it won't do much for Orton either, but these two deserve a spot on the card. It would have been nice for this to be added in with the general manager battle to add star power to that match, but we'll have to settle for Orton overcoming hate and putting Kane to rest in a singles match.

Prediction: Randy Orton

Intercontinental Championship

Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show

Arda: Cody Rhodes is thrust into a tough position in this match. In past interviews Shaq said he'd be at WrestleMania facing the Big Show, so some WWE fans might feel this match is a consolation prize of sorts. Personally, I don't get too excited at the idea of the Big Show as Intercontinental champion, but at the same time, I would love to see Rhodes lose the title and move up the ladder, possibly as a challenger to CM Punk in the near future on PPV. Cody wins this match and loses the IC title on Smackdown soon after to a different opponent.

Prediction: Cody Rhodes

Adam: This may be a prediction made with the heart and not the mind, but I'm not ready to see Rhodes drop the Intercontinental title yet. Logical booking says that Big Show will get his redemption for all of Rhodes' harassment and finally score the "big" win at WrestleMania that his career needs. But Rhodes has been doing good work since winning the strap and bringing back its classic design. While I agree with Arda that he needs to be moved up to the main event scene, I think his title run still has legs, and I hope to see him defend the belt against some top-tier talent to further build his credibility as a main event star. For that to happen, he needs to walk out of WrestleMania with the gold around his waist.

Prediction: Cody Rhodes

World Heavyweight Championship


Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Arda: I liked what Daniel Bryan said in a recent interview about feeling this match will be very stiff. Bryan has been on fire lately with his character, and unfortunately for Sheamus, all eyes are on DBryan going into WrestleMania, despite Sheamus having won the Royal Rumble. The prevalent thought in my mind is, "how will Daniel Bryan find a sneaky, conniving way to leave WrestleMania as champion"? And that's what I'm predicting. I'm also guessing that this rivalry won't end at WrestleMania and we will see a PPV rematch with an added stipulation to account for how Daniel Bryan keeps his title at WrestleMania.

Prediction: Daniel Bryan

Adam: Facing the facts, this is a match no one expected to see at WrestleMania. From the moment Bryan won the world title and Sheamus won the Royal Rumble, people speculated about a title change before the show or Randy Orton being added to make this a three-way. None of that transpired, and instead, fans will be treated to his rematch from last year's show, when these two competed for the United States Championship in a pre-show match. Both men have shown tremendous progress over the past year -- Bryan as a character and Sheamus in the ring -- and the results of that growth should help produce a great match here. In my interview with Sheamus, he said he feels he's in a much better place now to be a world champion than during his first two reigns, and I have to agree. WrestleMania will be Sheamus' time to shine and put an (unfortunate) end to Bryan's reign.

Prediction: Sheamus

WWE Championship

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

Arda: This truly will be the best in-ring performance of the night from two guys who are la creme de la creme in WWE. It will be fast paced and exciting; the Savage vs. Steamboat of this year's WrestleMania, especially if time is in their favor. The personal touch to this rivalry, in my opinion, is welcome. Unfortunately, the title matches have been falling by the wayside more than ever going into this year's biggest spectacle, and this plot twist is adding a personal flavor that adds intrigue. I see Punk scoring the win in the match. While everyone will walk into the building talking about Rock/Cena, everyone might very well walk out talking about Punk/Jericho.

Prediction: CM Punk

Adam: This contest is a legitimate dream match for me as a wrestling fan. I've long been a fan of both men, so the prospect of seeing them face off on the grandest stage of all is an amazing feel. I, too, expect this match to be the best of the night from an in-ring standpoint and just hope it will be alloted enough time to truly become something special, a WrestleMania classic for the ages. While I still don't feel the addition of Punk's family crises was necessary, it helps add to this feud, which I believe is only getting started. Punk and Jericho are too good a pairing to only have one match, and ultimately, I believe Jericho will sneak out with the win and the WWE title. Jericho will be able to gloat and carry the mantle of "best in the world" right into a series of rematches.

Prediction: Chris Jericho

Hell in a Cell

Triple H vs. The Undertaker with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee

Arda: I think Triple H will come as close as anyone has ever come to breaking the streak. 1 ... 2 ... special referee HBK can't count to 3 because what Triple H did to get to that pinfall was so dastardly that HBK has a moral decision to make and decides "not this way." I can also see this match -- being that it involves superstars who are "the last of a dying breed" -- turning into a "last of a dying match" involving violence and blood we aren't used to seeing in today's WWE. In the end, after Triple H finds a way out of Hell's Gate (which finished him at WrestleMania 27) it will be something spectacular that will put"The Game" away for good and the WWE Universe celebrated an astonishing 20-0 streak while feeling a sense of closure.

Prediction: The Undertaker

Adam: I've been vocal about my lack of anticipation for this match in my Raw recaps. I am one of those who feel their match last year was overrated. I have no doubt they'll pull out all the stops this year and do their best to give the Attitude Era it's proper sendoff -- and I truly hope all three men blow my expectations out of the water -- but I'm expecting another slow-moving match filled with big spots and periods of rest while one competitor or the other is downed from said moves. I agree that Michaels will likely have a moral dilemma on his hand near the end of the match, but ultimately, this bout belongs to The Undertaker. I'm just left wondering where all three men head from here. Will Taker ride off into the sunset? Will Triple H leave the ring for the office full-time? The aftermath almost appeals more than the match itself.

Prediction: The Undertaker

John Cena vs. The Rock

Arda: I think because The Rock is returning for WrestleMania 28, on top of the fact that he is in great shape and certainly has more than a handful of top-level matches left in him, it seems likely more than ever that the "passing of the torch" that many are predicting won't actually happen. For the first time in a larger-than-life WrestleMania main event, we may see interference. Say someone like The Miz costs Cena the match. The Rock wins and is strong going into his next match in WWE when he returns, Cena has a new rivalry to occupy him post WrestleMania, and someone (like Miz) is elevated to main-event level once again. It feels right for something like that to happen. Give me The Rock with a Rock Bottom and the 1-2-3 after some interference by The Miz.

Prediction: The Rock

Adam: Right off the bat, I'm going to have to disagree with Arda, and I'll do so on a number of points. First, while I understand where reports of The Miz's interference come from, I wonder if it's even worthwhile at this point. Miz has been buried so far deep through the past year, including being flat-out embarrassed by both Cena and The Rock at Survivor Series, that no one with any common sense would buy into a program involving Miz and either man, or at least not with the perception Miz stands a chance. Second, this match has been heavily promoted as "once in a lifetime," which obviously isn't gospel, but I'd like to believe it will be true. WWE has captured the proverbial lightning in a bottle, but a continued and prolonged feud between these two men would likely wear out its welcome fairly quickly. In my interview last week with Sheamus, "The Great White" said he expects Cena to pull out the win, and I have to agree.

Prediction: John Cena

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