Orioles rookie Mike Wright helps stranded motorist following Sunday night's game

A stranded motorist got much-needed help, not to mention Orioles tickets, from pitcher Mike Wright.

Orioles rookie right-hander Mike Wright has worked his way back into the team’s starting rotation, but he came up with a key save Sunday night.

While walking home from Camden Yards following Sunday night’s game, Wright helped a stranded motorist change a flat tire downtown.

Wright was leaving the ballpark following the Orioles’ 8-2 win over the Kansas City Royals when he noticed a car on Conway Street with its flashers on and the driver struggling to jack up the car.

“He was there trying to crank it up and he was obviously struggling,” Wright said. “I went down there and helped him jack it up, helped him loosen up a few bolts. It just took about 20 minutes.”

Wright took his good deed a step further, offering the motorist tickets for a future game.

“He was obviously having a bad day so after I helped him fix it, I told him he could come to a game whenever he wanted so he’s coming to the game tomorrow,” Wright said. “I left him tickets, so hopefully him and his girlfriend can enjoy the game.”



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