Now at the plate ... former Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones? Nope, wrong one.

Here are the three facts about baseball players and football players:

  1. A former NFL player is giving professional baseball a go this spring, and his name is Tim Tebow.
  2. A Detroit Tigers prospect is also playing in spring training, and his name is JaCoby Jones.
  3. Jacoby Jones has played softball in a charity setting, not professional baseball, but he is mainly known as the guy who returned a kickoff for a Ravens touchdown in Super Bowl XLVII. He also hasn't played in the NFL since 2015.

The first fact, Braves announcers Chip Caray and Joe Simpson knew going into Monday's game between Detroit and Atlanta. The second, they understood on an elementary level. The third, they should've known and definitely not conflated with the second.


Let's see what happens when spring training rust meets spring training rosters!

"Interesting story," Caray begins, but this story is fake news.


"Is he the Jacoby Jones who played for the Ravens in the NFL?" Simpson asks after the other JaCoby Jones pops out.

"I believe so."

"I wonder why nobody's talking about him."

"Unless there's another Jacoby Jones. The ol' Wikipedia says ..." And then Caray's interrupted by baseball, the sport Jacoby Jones does not play.

Twenty-three seconds after the apparent Wikipedia search, 15 seconds after anyone last said anything, there's relief.

"Nope, different JaCoby Jones, my bad."

(H/T Awful Announcing)