In Ozzie we trust? He's not afraid to pull off something unexpected

Growing up and watching Ozzie Newsome make unbelievable catches time and time again as a tight end for the Cleveland Browns, I expected the unexpected from him.

He earned his "Wizard of Oz" nickname and entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame by catching poorly thrown balls from the likes of Brian Sipe, Paul McDonald, Gary Danielson and Bernie Kosar and making it look easy.

ESPN, which launched shortly after Newsome's Browns career, could have simply renamed the top 10 plays of the day after him. He was that good.

So that's why I'm not buying it when I hear the Ravens are going to be quiet in free agency and focus on their own guys.

I expected the unexpected. Like the Bernard Pollard, Vonta Leach and Ricky Williams signings last year or the acquisition of Anquan Boldin two years ago. Newsome has something up his sleeve.

It won't be sexy, but two top tackles, mainly right-side guys, went on the market Monday in Eric Winston and Levi Brown. Signing Winston or Brown would allow the Ravens to flip Michael Oher back to the blind side. Waiving Bryant McKinnie would free up some money.

Maybe it's a wide receiver and top punt returner like Eddie Royal. The Ravens need to come out of free agency and the draft with giant special teams holes filled. If there is one area the team needs to make a big improvement in, it's special teams. It's got to keep a former special teams coach like John Harbaugh up at night trying to figure out how to fix it.

So don't bet on Newsome and the Ravens staying quiet for long in free agency.

Expect the unexpected.