A fan in the left-field stands threw a beer can toward left fielder Hyun Soo Kim during the wild-card game last night. (Baltimore Sun video)

Toronto police believe they have the man responsible for the beer-chucking incident during the Orioles' American League wild-card game Tuesday against the Toronto Blue Jays: Ken Pagan, a sports journalist who works for Canada's Postmedia Network.

He reportedly spoke with Toronto police Wednesday and made arrangements to turn himself in, but he said he had been advised by his attorney not to comment on the incident.


"I was drinking out of a cup," Pagan told the Toronto Sun. "I'd love to tell you what happened and my story ... but I can't say anything."

The evidence aginst him seems solid — just look at this frame-by-frame disappearing act — which means we might have to consider a post-disgrace future for Pagan.

One suggestion: Stick him in a hoodie, put him in a chair, and bring him out for birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs and corporate functions as the closest thing we have to #PhelpsFace.

Michael Phelps, Ken Pagan
(NBC and Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press)

It's strange to consider a #PhelpsFace allegedly being used in the commission of a sports crime against a Baltimore-based team, but here we are.

Then again, just as Phelps beat stare target Chad le Clos in the 200-meter butterfly final in Rio, Pagan's Blue Jays beat the Orioles. Unlike Phelps, it doesn't seem as though Pagan was there to enjoy it.

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