You knew things were going to get wacky in Bill Nye's new Netflix show, "Bill Nye Saves the World," when the Science Guy himself introduced "NBA superstar* Diamond Stone from the Los Angeles Clippers**" in the series' 10th episode, "Saving the World — with Space!"

*Not true.

**He has appeared in seven NBA games, so this is technically accurate, but yeah, barely.

It was a strange and short cameo from the one-and-done Maryland men's basketball star. His name is Diamond Stone. Surely, his presence on a science-centric talk show meant he would be the entryway to inquiry into gemstones or mining or the world's hardest substances.

Nah. He was just brought on to be tall and stare down a fourth-grader named Roman whose favorite team is — you guessed it — the Clippers.

Young Roman thinks he can dunk on Nye. Nye cheekily agrees. But Roman doesn't think he can dunk on Stone, whom he doesn't seem to completely recognize, until Nye tells him he can play as a "moon person," where lunar gravity is about one-sixth of what it is on Earth. "And then he is gonna dunk on you in Earth gravity," Nye tells Stone.

"Try dunking on me," Stone corrects Nye.

Never correct Bill Nye the Science Guy.

That's a jump step that's, ahem, out of this world.

(H/T The Diamondback)