Michael Phelps laughs during national anthem for the most Baltimore reason

Michael Phelps did a very Michael Phelps thing Tuesday night at the Olympics: He won the 200-meter butterfly final, his 20th gold medal. (He also won his 21st an hour later, but whatever.)

During the medal ceremony, Phelps was emotional, the swell of pride and relief too much to hide. He held back tears as "The Star-Spangled Banner" played. Then the national anthem got to that point in the tune that Baltimoreans at home and abroad, Phelps among them, await with gleeful anticipation. You know the one.


Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ...

And then a very Baltimore thing happened.

"O!" indeed. Let's break this down, frame by frame.

Here's Phelps before someone yelled out "O!" He's basically on the verge of Crying Jordan-ing this podium.

phelps crying

Here's Phelps after someone yelled out "O!"

phelps laughing

Good job, boys from Baltimore.


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