Michael Phelps explains name of newborn baby, reveals his special swimwear

Now that Michael Phelps and fiancee Nicole Johnson's Babywatch has ended, it's time to ask the important questions, like: What's up with the name? And when is a baby who was just born going to learn how to swim? And what about changing diapers — will the most decorated Olympian ever have to learn how to do it?

Thankfully, Phelps, a new father and Summer Olympics hopeful, somehow found 20 minutes of downtime for another Facebook Live chat Sunday.


Boomer Robert Phelps was born Thursday night, three weeks early, Phelps said. He weighed 6 pounds, 12 ounces, with gills for lungs. Phelps had promised an unusual name, and Boomer was certainly that, even in a state that once venerated another Boomer.

"Nicole and I just wanted something different and something cool, and I had just heard it and it was kind of a pretty neat name, and Nicole and I both kind of agreed to it," Phelps said.

The middle name, Robert, was more sentimental.

"Yes, Robert is for Bob" Bowman, Phelps' longtime coach, he said. "It's for Bob, and my great-grandmother was also Roberta as well, so it's a very special name for us, and Bob means a lot for not only myself but for the family as well."

Bowman probably will not be Boomer's first coach, though. Phelps said he might oversee his first lessons, or at least be there for them, because why settle for less than the greatest of all time?

Also, the branded swimsuit is already made for 1-year-old Boomer, lest anyone confuse Michael Phelps' baby for an impostor.

(Facebook Live)

"If he could just learn how to swim," Phelps said, "that would make me the happiest dad in the world."

Probably because he hasn't had to contemplate diaper duties yet. Fear not, for they are in his future: "I'll have to get the rundown on exactly how to do that."

Some other notes from the question-and-answer:

-- This is 100 percent probably my favorite Phelps quote: "It's been an awesome, awesome, awesome few days. Probably — actually, not probably — 100 percent probably the coolest experience that I've ever had, being able to welcome Boomer into the world with Nicole."

-- Our unofficial over-under on the number of Phelps children is 3.5: "Do we want other kids?" Phelps said, repeating a question he was asked. "We do. We're excited that we got a boy first, and he can kind of keep an eye on the other kids once we have them growing up."

-- The early scouting report on Boomer: 19.5 inches long, big feet, long fingers, long arms. Also, possibly double-jointed, just like Daddy.