Michael Phelps is a father now, baby Boomer coming into the world about two weeks ago, the not-yet-potty-trained pride and joy of the Olympic champion. Clearly, Phelps is delighted to have the "little dude" around, as he calls him. Some of his biological functions, he could do without.

As he explained in his latest Facebook Live stream Sunday, Phelps and his fiancee, Nicole Johnson, hired a doula to help with the childbirth process. Wanting to help the couple get ahead on Boomer's early days, she showed them what to expect from, um, his behind.


"She actually made it scary for me to change a diaper today, with some of the photos that she showed me of what diapers could look like," Phelps said as he headed to the airport, where he would fly to Colorado Springs, Colo., to resume altitude training. "Kind of freaked me out, not going to lie."

Boomer Phelps was born May 5. Michael Phelps' first official diaper change was today, 18 days in. Admirable procrastination, and even more admirable patience from those who picked up the slack. "I was just like, 'You know, I'm going to do it and I'm going to have that experience before I leave,' " he said. So he did, and now he's got it down pat.

Michael Phelps explains name of newborn baby, reveals his special swimwear

"Nicole and I just wanted something different and something cool."

Here are some less biomass-focused tidbits from Phelps' latest pow wow:

-- He is having trouble keeping on weight, with 10 pounds shed in the past three weeks or so. Phelps was not looking forward to his Colorado diet: "It's like, you're so tired, you really don't want to eat all the time, so it's almost like I'm forcing myself to eat when I don't necessarily want to eat."

His binges sound fun, though. Housemate and fellow Olympic hopeful Allison Schmitt recently asked him whether he wanted anything from Target. She came back with eight bags of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups — the big ones, he specified, because "the chocolate-to-peanut-butter-butter ratio is so much better in those." (I mean, duh.) They were gone in, oh, five days.

-- Phelps is competing in the Elite Invite swim meet in Austin, Texas, in early June, his last competition before the Olympic trials in Omaha, Neb. As for what he'll be swimming, he has no clue. Coach Bob Bowman "doesn't really tell me what he enters me in until, like, the day before. So I kind of just wait till I get there, and he says, 'This is what you're doing,' and I say, 'OK,' and smile."

-- A Facebook Live commenter asked whether Phelps, Johnson and Schmitt were driving to the airport in a minivan, on account of the Phelps' recently expanded family. This was an insult. It was an SUV. "I don't think either of us would like a minivan," he said.

-- Phelps has released an autobiography after each of the past two Summer Games, and a third might be on the way. "I feel like I need to," he said. "I feel like there's so much more that needs to be told. Just because I think this journey has been so much different than past journeys leading into an Olympic year, both personally, mentally, emotional, physically, any way you can possibly imagine."

-- Because cute things get website hits, here's a photo of a slumbering Boomer, who Phelps says typically sleeps just as he does — "with my mouth open."

Boomer Phelps
(Facebook Live)

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