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Michael Phelps and LeBron James had a moment of 'greatness' Sunday night

Two legends, LeBron James and Michael Phelps, shared a moment of 'greatness' Sunday night.

Michael Phelps was at an NBA game Sunday night when the greatest active basketball player in the world dunked and celebrated in honor of the greatest-ever swimmer in the world.

After a hard-charging fourth-quarter dunk against the host Phoenix Suns, Cavaliers star LeBron James headed back downcourt. Then he pointed at Phelps, sitting courtside with his wife, Nicole Johnson.

"It's just funny," Phelps, who lives in Arizona, told ESPN after the Cavaliers' 120-116 win. "I was just talking to people who were sitting around us and they were like, 'Did he just point at you or is he pointing at me?' And I was like, 'Yeah, I don't really know.' And then he drills a 3. It was awesome. Being able to come watch these guys play is always a treat and they gave us so much love over in the [Olympic] Games and being able to just come and see them when they're here in Phoenix is, like I said, a true treat to come and watch."

James is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and a four-time NBA Most Valuable Player. Phelps has 23 gold medals. The two have gotten to know each other over previous Summer Games, and on Sunday, they shared a moment.

"Just recognizing greatness, that's all that's about," James said of his gesture. He finished with 28 points, eight rebounds, four assists and a cool photo opp.

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