Maryland is fourth on first RPI list

The NCAA released its first Rating Percentage Index – also known as RPI – and Maryland opens the list at No. 4. The Terps (8-1) have two top 10 wins (based on RPI) against No. 6 Duke (9-4) and No. 10 Loyola (9-2).

Maryland trails only No. 1 Notre Dame (9-3), No. 2 Denver (9-2) and No. 3 Penn (6-3). The Fighting Irish have two top five victories over Denver and No. 5 North Carolina, three more top 10 wins against Duke, No. 8 Penn State and No. 9 Ohio State, and one more top 20 victory over No. 19 Hofstra.


The Pioneers boast one top-five win against Penn, two more top 10 victories against Duke and Ohio State, and another top 20 win against No. 18 Lehigh.

The Quakers have a top 10 victory over Duke and two more top 20 wins against No. 12 Princeton and Lehigh.


Duke, Cornell, Penn State, Ohio State and Loyola round out the top 10. The reigning national champion Greyhounds boast a top 10 victory over Ohio State.

Johns Hopkins is No. 22 and its best wins are outside of the top 20 in No. 24 Virginia (5-6) and No. 26 Towson (7-5). The Tigers have a pair of top 20 victories over Hofstra and No. 20 Massachusetts.

Mount St. Mary's (4-8) is at No. 47, UMBC (4-6) at No. 49 and Navy (3-8) at No. 50.

The RPI, a rating that accounts for record and strength of schedule in that stronger opponents yield higher RPIs, is one tool that the NCAA selection committee will evaluate prior to finalizing the field for the NCAA Tournament. The 16-team bracket will be unveiled on Sunday, May 5 at 9 p.m.