Leftovers from Q&A with Duke's Deemer Class

Friday's editions included a Q&A with Duke junior midfielder Deemer Class, a Baltimore resident and Loyola Blakefield graduate who is one of two Blue Devils players in the hunt for the Tewaaraton Award. Due to space constraints, here are some answers that didn't make the cut.

Because of the number of graduations from the 2014 NCAA championship squad, do you sense a lack of pressure surrounding this year's team regarding winning what would be a third consecutive national title?


I definitely think so. We talked about it all weekend, how we were playing with house money and really had nothing to lose going into Notre Dame [Friday] and then Syracuse [Sunday]. They were pretty much just bonus games, and I think we're going to play with that mentality going forward. We're not going to look at it as trying to win three straight. Every season is different, and all we're thinking about is the next game this season. We're not thinking about next year and we're not thinking about last year. I think the pressure of repeating is off of everybody. No one's really worried about that.

What is your favorite memory while playing at Duke?


I would say the whole Final Four experience in Baltimore last year. It was really exciting for me to come home. My freshman year, I played second line and didn't get as many reps as much. But my sophomore year, being a big contributor and winning the national championship in my hometown was definitely an amazing experience. I had never won any championships back at Loyola in football or lacrosse. So it was just really exciting. I think about celebrating both championships in the locker room and watching Coach D [John Danowski] dancing around. Those were great memories.

How are head coach John Danowski's dance moves?

He's pretty fantastic. I think there might be a video online somewhere. He's got some moves. He's working out pretty often. [Danowski's son and Blue Devils assistant coach] Matt Danowski had his wedding recently, so I'm sure he busted out some moves there also.

Who is the best dancer on the coaching staff?

I've never seen Matt dance. I would probably have to say Coach D. [Assistant] coach [Ron] Caputo might be a little too cool to break out some moves, but I think Coach D has it right now.

Who is the best dancer among the players?

I would have to give it to [junior midfielder] Myles [Jones]. He's always busting out moves, and we're always joking around on the sideline during practices. We've seen some funny videos and make jokes out of them and sometimes they end up in goal celebrations.

Describe playing next to Jones and Kyle Keenan on the starting midfield.


It's awesome. They're both great players, experienced players with Myles being a junior and Kyle being a senior. It's really exciting. I think that Kyle has done a great job. He's a great dodger, an unselfish player, a guy who plays with his head up, and he's really been improving. The same for Myles. Myles always has his head up, dodges hard. He's had an amazing year. So it's just really exciting to play with guys like them. It definitely makes my life easier at times. We've been playing really well as a unit. No guy is too worried about getting his points or this or that. We're just focused on Duke getting a goal and Duke playing well on offense.

Who is the toughest defender you've faced in college?

I would probably say that for a short-stick D-middie, it's [sophomore] Carlson Milikin on Virginia. He's just a great athlete, a super-aggressive kid. He covered me when we played them, and we had a lot of good battles throughout the game. I thought he played really hard, and I definitely respect that in him. He's someone who just stood out as being a real competitor.