Kevin Durant with Golden State? I'll still enjoy the Cavaliers' NBA title for a while

So Kevin Durant announced he was signing with the Golden State Warriors. And everyone handed the Warriors the next two NBA championships. Why play the games?

Forgive me for yawning when I heard the news Monday.


I'm going to enjoy Cleveland's first title in 52 years until the start of the 2016-17 NBA season, maybe longer. Durant signing with the Warriors isn't going to rain on my parade.

So Durant joins fellow MVP Steph Curry and Olympians Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to create a Big Four. Someone will come up with a catchy nickname and I suspect the Warriors will threaten their NBA record for regular-season wins.

They might score more points than any team in NBA history.

But don't hand them the title yet. The reason they lost to the Cavs in Game 7 wasn't because of offense. They lost because Curry couldn't guard anyone and because they had no one to stop LeBron James. Did that change with Durant's signing?

Please, please have Durant cover James. Green and Thompson tried, but couldn't. Durant would rather score 40 than stop someone from scoring 40.

Let's remember, teams made up of all stars have trouble winning NBA championships. The Los Angeles Lakers have tried it several times and come up short. The Houston Rockets have tried.

I'm sure the Warriors will be fun to watch, lighting up the scoreboard each night. But I want to see them play defense, have chemistry on offense and find ways to get their role players involved. Until then, I'm not ready to hand the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy to Golden State.

It still resides in Cleveland.

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