A Super Bowl even Ravens fans could enjoy -- sort of

Giants receivers Victor Cruz, left, and Hakeem Nicks celebrate New York's Super Bowl win.
Giants receivers Victor Cruz, left, and Hakeem Nicks celebrate New York's Super Bowl win.(US Presswire)

At the Super Bowl party I attended yesterday, the host greeted us by saying: "No, I'm not over it. Yes, I'm still bitter. Beer and wings are over there."

Ravens fans -- you gotta love 'em. Sure, it was Giants-Patriots on TV for all the marbles, our biggest national sporting extravaganza. But like so many who bleed purple and black, the host was still re-living a cold and breezy day in Foxborough two weeks ago, still working through his post-traumatic stress over the Ravens' horrifying loss to New England in the AFC championship game.

Other than the fact that the game had ruined his life, though, everything was fine. We had a nice time. Great game, close to the end, plenty of drama and one of the best throws (Eli Manning) and catches (Mario Manningham) you'll ever see.

Some other observations from Super Bowl 46 (I'm sick of those Roman numerals already):

* That 38-yard sideline strike Manning threw to Manningham was a play for the ages. Go watch it again. Perfect throw from the Super Bowl MVP, fantastic catch by Manningham. Manning had the touch of a surgeon on that one. And what concentration, what hands, what athleticism by Manningham.

* The commercials were mostly lame. The best was probably the Doritos ad where the dog whacks the cat and writes his owner: "You didn't see nuthin."

I liked theCareerBuilder.comad with the harried office worker and the chimpanzees. And I'm a sucker for the e-Trade babies, although this one yesterday wasn't as edgy and fun as the first two incarnations. And the Bud Light rescue dog Weego was OK, although it went on too long.

After that, the commercials were a vast, empty wasteland. The Audi vampire commercial, the Skechers cute dog spot and theGoDaddy.combody-painting one were all ho-hum, or even worse.

* The halftime show -- what in God's name was going on there? OK, this may be an age thing. I don't pretend to be hip anymore. But it was all too much: Madonna in that Egyptian get-up or whatever it was, the ridiculously elaborate and high-tech stage, the dancers, LMFAO, whoever they are, MIA, whoever she is, the one who flipped the bird at the cameras ... whoa! You talk about sensory overload.

* When he held up the Super Bowl trophy, I think that was the first time I'd ever seen Giants coach Tom Coughlin smile. Ever. That's a way better look for him than that hands-on-hips, pouty look we're so used to seeing.

* They better put a limit on the number of post-game photographers on the field before someone gets trampled. Did you see all that pushing and shoving around Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin as they went to shake hands? And around Eli Manning and Tom Brady, too? The security guys around both men looked so aggravated I thought they were going to shoot someone.

C'mon, NFL. You micro-manage everything else about the game. Time to start using just a few pool photographers for these post-game shots before someone gets killed.