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Justin Forsett on trip to Flint, Mich.: 'We just don't know how good we got it'

Justin Forsett went to Flint with help for the city's water crisis. He came back with a lot of sad stories.

Ravens running back Justin Forsett and former Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith went to Flint, Mich., on Wednesday with help for the city's water crisis. They came back with a lot of sad stories.

After delivering antibacterial body wipes and bottled water to a day-care center in Flint, where thousands of children were exposed to dangerously high levels of lead after the city's water supply was changed to the corrosive Flint River, the two former teammates headed to Southwestern High.

"Flint was crazy, man," Forsett said Wednesday on Periscope. "Unbelievable experience. Really sad about what the people have to go through there."

They listened to students tell stories of lives dependent on bottled water. Bottled water for cooking food. Bottled water for brushing teeth. Bottled water for washing dishes.

"It's just a hassle every day," Forsett said. "You've got to go out in the snow, go get the water, come back, and then just imagine just living with your house full of bottled waters everywhere. It's just not comfortable for them."

Some of the children felt they were being poisoned. They complained of dried-out skin and falling-out hair, Forsett recalled in an earlier Periscope. One girl told him and Smith: "Man, they're trying to kill us off."

"And that's really sad to hear," Forsett said. "But the government has to do a better job and come in … helping them out and supporting that community, because they're hurting and they need it."

He added: "We just don't know how good we got it."

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