Justin Forsett's cousin is on the 'The Bachelorette,' and he's a real contender

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On the eve of Ravens organized team activities, running back Justin Forsett dropped a bombshell announcement Monday night, one that could change the very paradigm through which we view the team's impending running back competition.

His cousin, he said, is on "The Bachelorette."


Meet Christian. He's a 26-year-old telecom consultant who wakes up at 3:30 every morning to work out. He wants to be a role model for his two younger brothers, who live with him. He loves adventurous dates. He hates pretentious dates. He has encountered racism in his own family, having grown up with a black mother and a white father. His muscles are big and his smile is gleaming.

You could say he's a ... good Christian. Definitely good enough for JoJo.


With Jonas Shaffer having seen all of one episode from the "Bachelor" universe, resident Baltimore Sun "Bachelor" scholar Matt Bracken offered his thoughts on Christian's chances:

"Everyone this season is probably playing second fiddle to ex-Vanderbilt QB Jordan Rodgers, who follows Josh Murray and Charlie O'Connell in the grand 'Bachelor' tradition of casting less famous brothers. Aaron's bro got the first-impression rose and featured prominently on the season preview. He's a lock for a hometown date and will very likely win the honor of dating JoJo for a couple months and appearing on seven Us Weekly covers.

"So while I’m not predicting a win for Christian this season, I do think he’s got a chance at sticking around for awhile and possibly parlaying this into a 'Bachelor in Paradise' invite, which is, quite frankly, a significantly better outcome than 'winning' the whole thing. Christian was one of a handful of contestants who received a prearrival vignette  something reserved for legitimate contenders or complete clowns (this season’s prime example of the latter would be Evan, an erectile-dysfunction expert).

Christian's introduction, meanwhile, checked off all the important contender boxes: Is jacked and works out shirtless regularly -- check.

—  "Bachelorette" scholar Matt Bracken, on Christian

"Christian’s introduction, meanwhile, checked off all the important contender boxes: Is jacked and works out shirtless regularly  check. Has a job that requires him to dress better than, say, an erectile-dysfunction expert  check. Has a poignant backstory that he will share with JoJo as soon as he thinks he’s on the chopping block, thus extending his stay at the Bachelor mansion for at least another week  check. Plus, he’s competing with a guy who dressed up as Santa Claus, a guy whose listed profession is “hipster,” and a guy who spent half the premiere in his underwear and was apoplectic when JoJo revealed she was unfamiliar with the 'Damn, Daniel' meme. I predict a top-six finish for Christian and a ticket to Paradise."

Retired NFL running back Maurice Jones-Drew, who played at UCLA when Justin Forsett was at California, was not so bullish.