Jim Harbaugh, Jim Schwarz

Ravens coach John Harbaugh channeled his inner historian when asked if he expects renewed fireworks between his brother, San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, and Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz during the traditional postgame handshake next Sunday night.

"Fireworks in the handshake? I was thinking about that a little bit," Harbaugh said today at team headquarters. "I don't think there's been so much attention paid to a handshake since Grant and Lee shook hands at Appomattox."


So, who would Jim Harbaugh be in that Civil War reference?

"Obviously, he was Grant, for the record," Harbaugh said with a laugh.

This may be the most scrutinized NFL handshake since the cold war between Bill Belichick and Eric Mangini in the aftermath of Spygate.

Last year, Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh got into a well-publicized altercation following the 49ers' 25-19 victory at Ford Field.

Jim Harbaugh and Schwartz traded insults after an awkward handshake with an exuberant Harbaugh.

Then, Schwartz tried to go after Harbaugh.

Schwartz told Detroit reporters this week that he has talked with Jim Harbaugh several times since their infamous meeting last year

"I've seen him a bunch of times since," adding that the handshakes went, "without incident."

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