John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler clash, CM Punk celebration highlight WWE Raw

There are still many unanswered questions following Raw, 24 hours removed from the Survivor Series pay-per-view event. Once again, the 3 NXT alums dressed in black attacked Ryback and put him through a table, with no explanation of who, what or why. At this point, building intrigue through mystery is a great strategy, which is why I'm looking forward to the eventual "explanation" even more.

CM Punk celebrated one full fiscal year as WWE champion with great work on the microphone. It was preceded with a mini "pipe bomb" by Paul Heyman, who called out members of the WWE Universe who criticized his and CM Punk's mocking of Jerry Lawler's heart attack, essentially saying that the same fans who clamor for the "good ol' days" of the Attitude Era, complain and are offended when an event that was inspired by that era is seen in WWE today. A very valid point, delivered with an unsettling tone from a man who consistently generates the most heat from any crowd on any given night on the roster.


John Cena and Dolph Ziggler look to have ignited a rivalry, finally giving us a reason to have suffered through "the scandal." Both men brawled backstage, through a toilet stall (almost surprisingly, nobody was in there at the time). This is a win-win situation: Dolph gets his chance to elevate his game against the face of WWE, while John Cena will enjoy the luxury of having stellar matches and looking like a million dollars against arguably the best bumper/seller in WWE today. This happened, of course, after AJ and Cena kissed in the ring. Rather, they made out. Full on second base.

Quick Hits:


** Ryback defeated Tensai. Before that, he talked about things like "feasting" on the WWE championship, the three NXT assailants being his "prey" and taking the food out of his mouth. Why must most of his promos be nourishment-related? I think we get the point with "feed me more."

** Wade Barrett defeated Kofi Kingston. I personally would not like to see Barrett challenge for the IC title for any length of time because I feel he is above that. But there might not be a choice given the bottleneck in the main event picture right now

** Kaitlyn beat Aksana, sans wig.

** Antonio Cesaro pins Brodus Clay. What's happening to Brodus Clay? His entrance is still fun and I'm sure kids enjoy dancing with him, but sooner or later we may need to see the "killer" Brodus Clay again, at least before the end of his career. Can the "Funkasaurus" still be relevant and entertaining while floundering into obscurity?

** Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio in a two-out-of-three falls match. The way these two are going, I expect them to have every stipulation match under the WWE sun!

** The Great Khali squashed Primo and Epico. Hornswoggle sprayed water into Rosa's face. You can come to your own conclusions here.

** The Miz pinned Twinkie hoarder David Otunga. Miz is making a gradual progression to good guy and why not? What is there left to accomplish as a heel?

** Sheamus soundly defeated Damien Sandow after some interaction with Big Show. A chairs match is likely in their future.


** Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio vs. Kane and Daniel Bryan ended after the PTP interfered (sidebar: Titus O'Neil did a terrific job on commentary. He sounded relaxed and felt like he was having fun out there).

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