Is Daniel Bryan the new 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin on WWE Raw?

It was a familiar scene on WWE Raw for longtime wrestling fans.

In the ring stood the authority figures -- in this case Triple H, Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon -- talking about what's right for WWE, their thoughts on the look of a proper champion and why their actions were all for the benefit of the fans.


Daniel Bryan is the victim of their crimes. According to the "decision makers," he doesn't look like a champion. He's not an A, but a solid B+, they say. Earlier in the show, he was escorted away by security. At the end of the show, the authority figures stand over him as he lay motionless after an RKO by the new (corporately accepted) champion, Randy Orton.

Now, flash back 15 years. Mr. McMahon is trying to make "Stone Cold" Steve Austin more corporate. The Rattlesnake defies authority, and one of the hottest rivalries in the history of pro wrestling is born.


As Daniel Bryan was being escorted away by security, the image that popped in my head was a very similar scene years ago, when Austin was escorted away by police on Raw, kicking and screaming, hands behind his back in handcuffs.

The moral of the story is that a superstar, the hottest one in WWE at the moment if you listen to the fans, who defies authority and refuses to accept the mold, is big money.

There is big money in Daniel Bryan chasing the WWE title, held by the corporate choice, Randy Orton. The fact that Daniel Bryan is too short and too small is a very real perception among WWE fans and is being played very well in this scenario.

Gimme a "Hell Yeah." Or a "YES!"

What else you need to know:

** Triple H had an interesting promo on Raw, even referencing Randy Orton as a "coal becoming a diamond," the same line he used when Evolution was formed.

** John Cena announced he tore his tricep two weeks ago, worked SummerSlam hurt and has to have surgery. He will be out 4-6 months.

** Speaking of injury, Sin Cara looks like he injured his finger early in his return match against Alberto Del Rio. Ricardo returned and is now aligned with Rob Van Dam, presumably the next challenger to Alberto Del Rio's gold.


** The Shield members were busy with two handicap matches, first beating Dolph Ziggler and then The Big Show.

** The Prime Time Players scored a win against the Real Americans.

** Cody Rhodes defeated Damien Sandow for the second night in a row.

** CM Punk beat down Curtis Axel, while staring at Paul Heyman. I would dig this feud, which would be great for Axel.

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