Injury bug continues to bite Frostburg State's Lucas Flaig

While junior attackman Ryan Serio bounced back from a dislocated shoulder and broken wrist in 2012 to lead Frostburg State in goals (43) and rank third in points (59) this past spring, a successful return was not in the cards for junior midfielder Lucas Flaig.

The Pasadena native and Chesapeake-AA graduate sat out 2012 after undergoing hip surgery, broke his arm in the winter and managed seven goals and two assists in eight contests before fracturing his ribs and sitting out the remainder of the year.


"He came back from an injury, played a few games, and got injured again," Bobcats coach Tommy Pearce said of Flaig. "It's unfortunate. He really hasn't played a full season of lacrosse since 2011."

It has been a bewildering journey for Flaig, who had led the midfield in scoring in 2011 with 24 goals and five assists. During Flaig's absence, sophomore midfielder Chris Rios has recorded 41 goals and 28 assists in two years, junior Phil Hess has accrued 23 goals and 23 assists, and junior Devon Stailey has compiled 32 goals and 11 assists.


Pearce said it has been clear that the spate of injuries has worn thin with Flaig.

"He's certainly frustrated," Pearce said. "He had to sit out all of 2012 and in the fall, he was kind of limited. He would feel good for a couple days and then have to sit out until he really got that hip back. He was starting to feel good when he broke his wrist, and then he came back. It looks like he hasn't played college lacrosse in a couple years. When things are happening pretty fast, it's hard for him to process it and move the ball. He scored some goals because he's a big guy and he can get down the lane. But I think he's really been set back by how much he's had to sit out. We'll see how he does when he comes back in the spring, but we think we've got some other guys that we think are doing a pretty good job."

Flaig has one more semester of eligibility and will stay out of school until next spring when he can play. Pearce said he anticipates that the broken ribs won't hamper Flaig.

"He should be fine," Pearce said. "He transferred here. So he's only got one more semester of college eligibility. So he's not going to be a student here in the fall. He'll come back in the spring."