Grant Limone fared well, but Loyola Maryland won't name starting goalie yet

Grant Limone, Pat McEnerney, Sam Beazell competing to start in net for Loyola Maryland men's lacrosse.

In the first start of his career, freshman Grant Limone gave up just eight goals and made six saves in No. 14 Loyola Maryland’s 11-8 victory over Patriot League rival Lehigh on Saturday.

But coach Charley Toomey wasn’t prepared to declare Limone or senior Pat McEnerney or sophomore Sam Beazell as the starting goalkeeper for the Greyhounds (3-2) in Saturday’s game at No. 5 Duke (5-1), the reigning NCAA champion.

“I think he played like a freshman getting his first start,” Toomey said Monday night of Limone. “I think he did some good things, and I think there were some things that quite honestly, we’re going to come in and watch the film tomorrow. I think the young man’s got a bright future. Whether or not it’s this week at Duke, just that tandem that I have with Pat we’re going to keep developing and it’s going to be a work in progress between Pat, Grant and Sam Beazell for the rest of the season.

"We’ve just got to get to the point where we can get to [a] 55 [percentage in saves] and how can we do that defensively in front of them to get to that mark as group. That’s what we’re looking to do.”

Toomey said one area Limone continues to work on is using his 6-foot-3, 192-pound frame as 6-3, 245-pound Jack Runkel did in his three years as Loyola’s starter.

“The thing that I always say with Grant is that when you walk up to him, you realize that he’s a good-sized player,” Toomey said. “He reminds me of Runk, and I always say that I want a goalie that plays big. I don’t want a big goalie that plays small. So we’re working on him being a bigger frame in the goal so that shooters aren’t seeing as much net. But the thing that he does well is he catches the ball.

"If he sees the ball and tracks it, he’s going to catch it, and he’s shown already a few times this year that when he’s caught it, he’s instant offense with a good outlet to the open guy that allows Loyola to run. That’s really Step 2. Step 1 is to save the ball, but Step 2 is to create transition for us, especially a team that wants to run. That’s why we probably felt more confident [last] week to give him that start.”

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