General manager coming to WWE Saturday Morning Slam

General manager coming to WWE Saturday Morning Slam
(Photo courtesy of WWE)

Debuting on August 25, 2012, WWE Saturday Morning Slam has been a staple on the Vortexx on the CW.

For many longtime WWE fans, watching the product on Saturday mornings was a tradition, the most coveted time of the week to catch your favorite stars. This includes lifelong fan and current WWE superstar Zack Ryder.


"There's a whole new generation of fans who are, maybe watching wrestling for the first time or watching it in addition to Raw and Smackdown," Ryder said in a phone interview Thursday. "I think it's great for everybody and kind of surreal. I used to watch on Saturday mornings and now people are watching me on Saturday mornings. I kind of just have to step back and go, 'Wow, this is really happening.' "

Now, on Saturday Morning Slam, WWE will introduce another familiar notion to the program -- a general manager.

In a news release, WWE outlined the format.

On March 2, 9 and 16 in a three-week special, WWE superstars will compete in the ring to impress. In Week 2, the top 4 superstars will face off, and on the last episode of the three-part special, a new general manager will be crowned.

The concept of a "general manager" is almost as much of a staple as WWE on Saturday mornings.

Names like Steve Austin, John Laurinaitis, Stephanie McMahon, Mick Foley, AJ Lee and many others have been "in charge" on WWE TV.

My personal favorite was William Regal, who ruled from August 2007 to May 2008.

Mick Foley was thoroughly entertaining (though technically a "commissioner" for most of his tenure as "boss") with his comedic antics -- and gavel.

Zack Ryder will take part in the special, and is just happy to have more opportunities to show his talents.

"[With more WWE programs] there's more exposure. When I first started [in WWE], you were either on Raw or Smackdown, one or the other. Now you can be on more in one week, there's Superstars, there's Main Event, there's Saturday Morning Slam. There are so many shows to be part of, so if you're not on Raw one week, you'd be on one of these other shows. So it's great to get your face out there."

WWE Saturday Morning Slam airs Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. ET as part of the Vortexx on the CW. The 3 week special which will crown a new General Manager will take place March 2, 9 and 16.