Fox Sports says Orioles, not Cubs, have 'most miserable' fan base in baseball

The Orioles have the most wins in the American League over the past four seasons. They have three World Series championships, a beautiful ballpark and then-Vice President Frank Underwood throwing out ceremonial first pitches in Baltimore. They last won it all in 1983, but nine franchises (including the Expos/Nationals) have waited longer.

For that, according to Fox Sports, they have the "most miserable" fan base in baseball.


"Until Peter Angelos seemingly torpedoed his franchise simply to keep the Nationals out of Washington, the O's were one of baseball's crown jewels," Chris Chase wrote. "Now, the team hasn't won a title in 32 years and recent resurgences don't change the fact that since winning the World Series in '83, the O's are strangers to the playoffs and when they get there, they're 3-12 in ALCS games.

"Other great fanbases get rewarded with titles. The O's, recently, have not. Cal's streak was cool, though, and Camden Yards is still the best of the 'retro' ballparks. Still, Baltimore deserves better."


Here's where context matters. Chase, if you did not know, "may be the most hated blogger in America," the Columbia Journalism Review wrote in December 2012. Here are some of his greatest hits since then: "Peyton Manning chokes in returns to Indy like he does during playoffs"; "Tom Brady cheated his way to a Super Bowl"; and, most egregiously, "Katy Perry blew away the Super Bowl halftime show," in which he argued that Missy Elliott's surprise appearance was "instantly forgettable."

Anyway, back to baseball. The Colorado Rockies have just seven winning seasons in 23 years. The San Diego Padres were all set for a special 2015, only to fade into oblivion yet again by midseason. The Milwaukee Brewers have been to the postseason just twice since 1983. And then there are the Chicago Cubs, Chase's second-most miserable fan base.

"The only reason the Cubs aren't No. 1 is because one gets the distinct feeling that their fans enjoy reveling in the team's misery," he wrote. "Oh, don't get me wrong, with Theo Epstein and Joe Maddon turning this team into a World Series favorite this year, there will be more prayers coming from Wrigley Field than the Vatican. But Cubs fans have the right attitude -- staying on an even keel so they're not continuously disappointed."

I'd say that after enduring a century-long title drought, Cubs fans perhaps deserve a little more karmic payoff than those in Baltimore. But then again, what do I know? I'm a Missy Elliott fan.