Former Oriole Luke Scott cut from Korean team after calling coach 'liar,' 'coward'

Luke Scott
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Former Oriole Luke Scott was cut from his Korean baseball team, SK Wyverns, Wednesday after reportedly calling his coach, Lee Man-soo, a "liar" and a "coward" in a public confrontation, according to Korean media reports.

The Korea Times reported that Scott was put on the reserve team — presumably the disabled list equivalent in Korea — because of plantar fasciitis, and when he went to the clubhouse to gather things from his locker, the confrontation began.


After he called out his coach in front of everyone, Scott went straight to reporters to explain his gripes. It was his third time on the injured list that year, and Scott seemed to want to try and play through his foot issue rather than sit out.

"He reportedly said that he is the one who knows his physical condition best, and has had his own 'routine' in managing it during his Major League Baseball career," according to the article. "But he argued that the team does not respect that, and just forces its ways on him."

Team officials said it wasn't tolerated, but some other Americans both in and around the league somewhat defended Scott, saying it's a long season and more needs to be done to educate foreigners in the KBO about decorum and cultural norms.

I'm sure issues like this happen in American clubhouses, too, but it's not a difference in decorum or cultural norms to not have a blowup like that in public.

Of course, we know all about Scott in these parts. His free-speaking, at times controversial but always entertaining ways were wonderfully recounted in this Amy K. Nelson story on ESPN from a few years ago, if you need a more complete picture.

Scott, who hit .260 with 84 home runs and an .826 OPS in four seasons with the Orioles, last played in the United States in 2013 as a member of the Tampa Bay Rays. He was hitting .267 with six home runs in 33 games this year in Korea.

Luke Scott gonna Luke Scott, as the kids would say.

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