Torrey Smith's Monday: Defend Joe Flacco, get released, visits State House

Torrey Smith still spends part of the year in Baltimore, which means he often finds himself well within the sphere of sports talk — on the radio, online, in person — where conversations about Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco's legitimacy tend to predominate.

That could be a tricky thing if the former Maryland and Ravens wide receiver thought of Flacco as he did, say, Joe Theismann. But in an appearance Monday on Glenn Clark Radio to promote his Torrey Smith Family Fund Charity Basketball Game at Royal Farms Arena on March 19, the current San Francisco 49er said Flacco is underappreciated.


"Joe's a quarterback you want to play with, you want to play for," Smith told Clark. "You know he's going to have your back, regardless, and you're going to have his. He's laid-back, to a certain extent, but he's a heck of a competitor. He works his tail off. I think for a player, he's a guy you can rally around and you want to play well for him."

This, by the way, was before news broke of the San Francisco 49ers releasing Smith. Given Smith's numbers over two seasons in San Francisco, where he failed to top even his worst receiving yardage total from four years in Baltimore, maybe it's not such a surprise he came to Flacco's defense.


"I still don't understand the hate Joe gets, because grass ain't always greener. Y'all kick him out if you want to. I don't think we have a quarterback right now, so you ship him on out there [to San Francisco]. Quarterbacks don't grow on trees, man. When you have a good one, you've got to make sure you take care of him."

In continuing to promote his charity basketball game, Smith appeared at the State House in Annapolis on Monday night.

"A lot has changed since the last time I was here," Smith said. "Last time I was here, I had a Super Bowl trophy in my hands. I had long dreadlocks. Now I'm back. I'll have a new team next week."

In the House, Del. Curt Anderson, a Baltimore Democrat, called out: "We want you back!"

As Smith laughed, Del. Kathy Szeliga, a Baltimore County Republican, chimed in: "Go Ravens!"

"It's been an interesting week," Smith replied.

Smith also thanked lawmakers for their work.

Smith also visited the state Senate to extend an invitation to his basketball game.