Ex-Oriole Sidney Ponson trolls Curt Schilling on Twitter, only it's not Sidney Ponson

This is Sidney Ponson.



He's now 40 years old. From Aruba. Used to play professional baseball. Spent eight years with the Orioles. Had some trouble with drinking and driving.

This, however, is not Sidney Ponson.


No, that is not 40-year-old Aruban ex-Orioles pitcher Sidney Ponson trolling Curt Schilling just minutes after the six-time All-Star and outspoken conservative's Hall of Fame chances eroded further Wednesday. You can tell because the Twitter bio specifies, "Not really sid."

To which Schilling said, essentially: "FAKE NEWS!"

Even a New York Yankees fan tries to help out.

That does not work out.

Here comes the common-sense police.

Only you can't arrest someone if they're living on another planet.

And now: the pièce de résistance.

Someone who enjoys poking fun at a guy who spent five straight hours ranting about the theory of evolution, probably.