ESPN personality Scott Van Pelt attends the Terps' game against Michigan State.
ESPN personality Scott Van Pelt attends the Terps' game against Michigan State. (Patrick Semansky, Associated Press)

ESPN television and radio host Scott Van Pelt, a former Maryland student and big-time Terps fan, had the rare kind word for an airport security team after the staff at Baltimore-Washington International Airport tracked down his stolen backpack and allowed him to make his flight in the span of around 20 minutes.

Van Pelt told this story last week on his ESPN radio show, SVP and Russillo. While it's bad form to just get to it now, it seems like a pretty neat story that deserves to be highlighted, especially considering the amount of negative attention that can be given to airport security during tough times.


From what I can gather from the story, Van Pelt was at Maryland for the Michigan State basketball game earlier this month, and while going through security on his flight out of town, realized he had forgotten his father's dog tags at the hotel. While calling the hotel, and subsequently ordering a burrito bowl at Chipotle, he noticed he had forgotten one of his two bags, a red backpack, at the security check.

The bag already was gone when he returned, but not for long, thanks to a combination of security video and the unfortunate (for the thief) coincidence that the TSA agent remembered the man who took it because they had the same first name.

Airport security eventually found the man, who tried to play it off as a mistake, and then found the iPad the man removed from the bag as well. Van Pelt was able to board his flight, too.

"BWI police do a great job," he said on his radio show the following day. "It was like a CSI in 25 minutes. They figured out who he was and found him and stopped the plane from leaving and got my stuff back. Unbelievable job by them."

Unfortunately, he lost his fork in the shuffle, and was forced to eat his bowl with pieces of a cardboard cup. A small price to pay at the end of what was likely a tumultuous day, but considering he got his stuff back, probably a price worth paying.

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