Evaluate the Orioles' season with 100 to play

Has the Orioles' recent surge changed your mind about this team?

Welcome back to this dive. Simple question from a simple bartender.

I want to know what you think of the Orioles right now. They are 31-31 through 62 games – meaning they have exactly 100 left to play in the 2015 regular season.

It’s no longer “too early,” but it’s not at the halfway point, either.

Last year the Orioles were 32-30 through 62 games and ultimately won 96 and the American League East division crown. Heck, they were 42-39 through 81 games – half a season – before going on a tear.

And as I wrote for Sunday’s paper, this division isn’t exactly littered with dominant clubs this year.

So I want to know if the Orioles did enough in the past week (a six-game wining streak, an 8-2 record in their last 10) to make you think they really are a contender in 2015. Or are they just too flawed and inconsistent for you to take anything from this recent spell?

Here’s my take, and it hasn’t changed: I don’t think this is a great team; I think there are too many warts for it to be a World Series champion as it is currently constructed. But I do think it is a good team, arguably the best in the AL East. And I expect it to be playing meaningful baseball in September – which is exactly what I predicted in March.

And nothing has happened in these first 62 games to change my mind.

OK, how about you?

Daily Think Special: What’s your evaluation of the 31-31 Orioles now and for the rest of the season?

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