Commercial star John Harbaugh compares his acting career to Jim Harbaugh's

Ravens coach John Harbaugh and his brother, San Francisco 49ers coach John Harbaugh, avoided questions about how they were alike and how they were different during joint practices last week.

Now that the dust has settled, John Harbaugh had a little fun Monday at the expense of his brother's television commercials — and his own.


"Coming to a theater near you," John Harbaugh said of their acting skills during a light moment at the end of his media session Monday.

Harbaugh was asked about his new role in M&T Bank commercials, on which he seemed eager to get notes. He also touted his role in a set of NFL commercials.

In one, he makes what he calls a "facial expression" as former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner walks past him. I have not seen it, but I suppose I want to.

In an upcoming NFL commercial, Harbaugh said, he has a speaking role.

"I'm kind of the star of it," he said. That one sounds more in my wheelhouse.

He had mixed opinions on his brother's commercials. He downplayed Jim Harbaugh's role in last year's Dockers commercial that played on his "dad pants."

"He didn't do anything, right?" John Harbaugh joked. "Sarah is the star of that one."

Jim Harbaugh's VISA commercial, in which he yells at a youth football team, got better reviews from his brother.

I think there's going to be less room to judge something as straight-forward as an M&T Bank commercial, but with the bragging rights John Harbaugh has on the field, I'm sure his brother will take any way to gain an edge back — even mocking regional bank advertisements.

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