Coffee Companion (7/9): Even without game, Nats-O's dominates headlines

The Baltimore Sun

Some of you blessed readers tried to make me feel bad yesterday about a particularly hot take, but nothing can make me feel as bad as the Brazilians feel, so I am all set. This is the Coffee Companion, where we recap the previous day's local sports headlines.

- The Orioles game was bagged after a delay of more than two hours, ensuring the Washington Nationals sold plenty of hot dogs and beer and that the Orioles earned a one-game sweep in Washington before another two-game series in Baltimore. The game will be made up Aug. 4.

- The crowd at Nationals Park was a big deal, apparently, with Stephen Strasburg and Buck Showalter giving their very different thoughts on how many Orioles fans were at the park. The great feelings at the park Monday made Peter Schmuck dream of a Beltway World Series.

- Adam Jones will participate in the MLB Home Run Derby on Monday, which will be fun for him but sadly, ensure that we have to listen to at least one round of ESPN annoyance if we want to see him.

- With the trade deadline approaching, I’m doing an inventory of valuable minor leaguers in the Orioles system. Yesterday, I hit Double-A Bowie.

- With Ravens training camp approaching, Dennis Pitta looks to be a key part of the team’s new offense.

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