Ravens fans won't root for San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers on Sunday, but what he did on Saturday might make it tougher to root against him.

He came to Baltimore this weekend to play the Ravens, but first met with a young fan at Johns Hopkins hospital.

Rivers and Baltimore police commissioner Kevin Davis met with 11-year old Grant Holland, a Canton resident and huge NFL fan who has Leukemia. Rivers gave Grant a signed jersey. Davis handed over his police hat.

Baltimore police tweeted the interaction, which was also posted on the Canton Neighbors Facebook page.

Sean Flanagan, president of the Canton Community Association, said he and Keith Kormanik, who runs sports programs at the Coppermine Fieldhouse at Du Burns Arena, worked together to make the meeting happen after learning that Grant was in the hospital. Flanagan said he knows Grant's father, Geoff Holland, through the Grunwald Club in Canton.

It was Kormanik's connections that brought Rivers to Hopkins, Flanagan said. Flanagan asked Baltimore police to become involved in transporting Rivers to and from the hospital given the tight window of time the Chargers quarterback was available, which is how Davis became involved.

"Philip was phenomenal," Flanagan said. "Just to see the reaction from Grant … to see this kid who’s fighting and has this kind of response. It’s the exact kind of thing we were looking to do."