Brock Lesnar and Triple H officially sealed the deal on Raw and will meet at Wrestlemania. The two stipulations are that it will be No Holds Barred (similar to their match at Summerslam 2012) and that Triple H's career will be on the line.

This, of course, is met with the same questions and concerns from longtime WWE fans whenever a career is on the line. Is it really on the line?


From a performer standpoint, Triple H is in terrific shape. You could absolutely see him being able to handle several big matches a year.

From a career standpoint, his position as COO is certainly demanding enough to warrant him taking a long leave of absence from the ring, as evidenced from his appearances between Summerslam and this upcoming Wrestlemania.

The way I see it is this: if Triple H never has another match in WWE after this, I think he has had a stellar career. Could there be a situation years down the road, where Triple H returns to the ring? Where he is still in shape and in charge of WWE where a big match is needed and he could benefit buy rates and interest by stepping back into the ring? Absolutely. The same could be said about any former WWE Superstar. Often enough, retirements aren't necessarily final in professional wrestling.

But enough people will find this added stipulation interesting. Those that are complaining about it have already made the decision to watch the match (and Wrestlemania) anyway. So really, it's a win-win situation. If anything, I would have personally liked to see a different stipulation other than "No Holds Barred," which is essentially what we saw in their first match at Summerslam. The stipulation makes sense for Brock's strengths going into this match, which is creating a fight atmosphere, which this match no doubt will be.


- John Cena beat Darren Young in a "we definitely were separated at birth" match.

- Ryback beat David Otunga. Otunga's movie "The Call" -- starring Halle Berry -- had a successful first weekend in box offices. Catch my interview with him talking about the movie here.

- Fan-Dang-Going to debut sometime in the future ... maybe at Wrestlemania. So will Big E Langston, who along with Dolph Ziggler will challenge Team Hell No for the tag titles. If he stays out of action until the big event, Big E Langston becomes the first WWE Superstar (male, non-celebrity) to have his main roster televised debut at Wrestlemania. With AJ back to her skipping self, you have to wonder will Team Hell No, in particular Daniel Bryan, lose the tag titles in 18 seconds or less at Wrestlemania (with AJ being the reason)?

- R Truth beat Damien Sandow by DQ. The typically quiet Pittsburgh audience were in form during this one.

- The Undertaker and CM Punk continued an interesting build to Wrestlemania. I particularly liked 'Taker's rare facial expressions during Raw, showing disgust and pain at what CM Punk was doing to the urn. A truly rare emotion seen by the deadman

- Alberto Del Rio defeated Cody Rhodes before Jack Swagger attacked and broke Ricardo Rodriguez's ankle. Good build to their match at 'Mania

- Congratulations to Booker T, who enters the Hall of Fame. I maintain that with Booker T now in, this is the most stacked Hall of Fame class from top to bottom, even surpassing 2005.

- Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show fended off The Shield, and it appears Big Show will be the one to go to Wrestlemania, as Ryback will now face Mark Henry.

- Dolph Ziggler beat Kofi Kingston, who is really struggling in 2013. Perhaps he will continue to struggle until after Wrestlemania, where he will get a reboot or at least a higher profile.

- Wade Barrett successfully defended the IC title in a Triple Threat match against The Miz and Chris Jericho. Very good match. Jericho just can't fail.


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