Brock Lesnar loses control on RAW

In the past, Brock Lesnar has disappeared for months without a word. This time though, Lesnar wouldn't leave without leaving a wake of destruction not seen in the WWE since the debut of the Nexus.

Lesnar came to RAW with one thing on his mind, getting his WWE title back from Seth Rollins. It looked like he would get his chance during the night, as he was granted a rematch. However, when Rollins came down to the ring, he declared that he was tired from flying to and from New York for the Today Show, and that Lesnar would have to wait. Lesnar tried to grab Rollins and start the match anyway, but Rollins was able to escape and leave through the crowd, taking his title belt with him.


This set Lesnar off. He first sent J&J security flying into and over the announcers' tables. He then tipped an announcer's table over, pinning Booker T and JBL under the table. Michael Cole wasn't nearly as lucky, as he got dragged into the ring, and was the recipient of an F5. Lesnar then went after a cameraman who got too close to him, picking him up.

This brought Stephanie McMahon out, who ordered Lesnar not to attack the cameraman. Lesnar thought about it for a second, and then delivered an F5 anyway. McMahon, saying she had no choice, suspended Lesnar indefinitely. Lesnar was outraged, and in response hit the cameraman with one more F5 before leaving to the back.


Lesnar makes every segment worth watching, precisely for this reason. There's nobody else who you can take nearly as seriously that something could go wrong when he's out there. While obviously he didn't hurt anyone, the sight of Booker T's leg sticking out from underneath the wreckage of the announcer's table was eerie, and Cole getting F5'd so hard his shoe flew off led someone to edit his Wikipedia page to say he was dead.

This serves a very obvious purpose. It would make no sense for Lesnar to disappear without the belt. However, now that he's suspended he can sit until the summer without any questions. It also firmly entrenches Lesnar as at least a tweener, if not a face, since McMahon was the one to suspend him. When he returns, he could easily enter a direct feud with Rollins (or another heel) and it wouldn't feel awkward at all.

There were a lot of highlights in an excellent RAW, but this was a scene that will be replayed every time Lesnar appears from now on.

The rest of RAW:

*The crowd at RAW was predictably rowdy, just as it is after every Wrestlemania. The crowd was great for the most part, staying hot through the I.C. and U.S. title matches and it made the debuts of the NXT callups feel bigger. However, there were a few times that even the Internet seemed to turn on the hardcore crowd. The first time was during the divas match, when CM Punk chants were quickly replaced with crude sexual chants toward the divas. The other time was at the very end of the night, when the crowd first started The Wave (after chanting for every NXT star), and then chanted "we are awesome." There's a close line between being a hot crowd and being self-serving, and if public perception counts, there were times that line was crossed Monday night.

*Daniel Bryan made his first title defense after winning the Intercontinental title on Sunday, beating Dolph Ziggler in an excellent match. After the match, Bad News Barrett popped up from the announcer's table, where he was doing guest commentary, and he attacked Bryan from behind. This brought out the return of Sheamus, who debuted a new look with a red mohawk (which drew Red Rooster comparisons). He chased off Barrett, but then attacked Bryan, establishing himself as a heel. It will be interesting to see exactly what direction they go with this feud, because Ziggler and Barrett still seem to be in the picture as well.

*Two NXT stars made their debuts on Monday's RAW. The first was Kalisto, who made his official RAW debut as part of the Lucha Dragons, and put on a show, getting the deciding pin in an 8-man tag match. He looked as good as he ever did, hitting many of his trademark moves against Cesaro, and even doing a backflip off of Cesaro's shoulders in a  cool spot. The crowd, who loved all the former NXT guys, popped the loudest for him, and the team has a real shot to make an impact in the division.

The other person to make his debut was Adrian Neville, who had his first name dropped in the debut. He faced Curtis Axel, who he dispatched quickly. He also showed up in a long blue cloak for the first time. It was hard to take too much from his debut, but people popped when he hit the Red Arrow. Neville will have to be used properly right off the bat, so hopefully they have something specific in mind for him.


*One person who didn't impress on RAW was Byron Saxton, who came out to be the lone commentator after Cole, JBL and Booker T were taken out by Lesnar. This was disappointing, as Saxton had always been really strong on the microphone to this point. However, whether it was him selling the fact that he was caught unaware of having to go out there, not having a lot of solo broadcast experience or strictly nerves, he really underperformed, to the point where they sent Jerry Lawler out to help him after a few matches. If nothing else, this shows why the WWE needs someone like Josh Matthews, a guy who can step in when needed. I guess they don't view Tom Phillips as ready for that yet.

*John Cena issued an open challenge for the U.S. title, which surprisingly was answered by Dean Ambrose. Cena ended up winning a fantastic match between the two. In an interesting moment after Cena got the pin, he held out his hand to Ambrose, which Ambrose slapped (in a good way). Ambrose constantly seems to be on the verge of getting something going, and it just feels like he needs that one big win to catapult into title contention. Cena showing respect towards him should indicate something coming soon.

Surprisingly, Rusev wasn't the one who accepted Cena's challenge, which even threw off Saxton at first. Rusev later came out and squashed Goldust. Rusev came out by himself, without Lana. We'll see if this going to be a permanent thing after he yelled at Lana after losing at Wrestlemania, or if it's just temporary while she continues filming her movie.

*The main event was a six-man tag between Rollins, Kane and Big Show against Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Ryback. Rollins, unsurprisingly, was the star of this match, both with his moves and his taunting of the crowd, who were chanting for the NXT stars throughout. Reigns ended up getting the pin on Kane after a series of finishers from all the faces.

*Naomi, Paige and AJ beat the Bellas and Natalya when, surprisingly, Naomi got the pin on Nikki. It seemed like Paige, AJ and the Bellas would continue battling each other, but if history is any indication, this puts Naomi right in the title picture. It wouldn't surprise me if all six of these divas end up in a match at Extrme Rules.

*Damien Mizdow beat Stardust. Mizdow still went by Mizdow, and continued to come out to Miz's theme and won with the Skull Crushing Finale. Soon Mizdow, or Sandow, will have to break out, as now that they're separated he'll have to get a personality of his own. Miz attacked Mizdow after the match ended, and we'll likely get this match at Extreme Rules.


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